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Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsTrane Gas Furnace Reviews – There are six specific models of gas furnaces with efficiency ratings ranging from 80% AFUE to 96.7% AFUE. Trane is one of the biggest HVAC manufacturers in the US and one of the only HVAC manufacturers who produces their own compressors for the air conditioners and heat pumps. Other HVAC manufacturers use compressors manufactured specifically by a compressor manufacturer like Copeland or Bristol.

Some of the features of various furnaces are:

  • Variable speed ECM blowers in selected furnace models
  • Two-Stage gas furnace operation in selected furnace models
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchangers in selected gas furnace models
  • Silicon nitride hot surface igniters in selected gas furnace models
  • Limited lifetime warranties on gas furnace heat exchangers on selected models and 20 year limited lifetime warranties on other gas furnaces

Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings – Trane History

In 1910 James Trane and his son Reuben began manufacturing a low-pressure heating system to heat homes. They have a long history of innovation dating back to its founder and his son including changing the concept of air conditioning for large buildings when in 1938 they introduced the Turbovac which was the HVAC industries first hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine.

Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings – Additional Models Reviews

The following are reviews we have done on specific Gas Furnace models. If the gas furnace you are seeking is not listed please email us the specific model number and any information you may from Trane and we will do a technical review for you.

For more on Trane and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Trane website.

User requested Trane Gas Furnace reviews. Read our technical reviews for:

Trane XC Communicating Gas Furnace Review

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Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings – Video

Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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6 thoughts on “Trane Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

  1. Submitted by Natilie on 2013/11/06 at 10:51 am (Admin Transfer from old site)

    Considering purchasing the Trane XV95, Model TUH2B060A9V3B to replace our old Lennox Pulse Furnace that was installed in 1983. Lennox Secondary heat exchanger is leaking condinsation, So I guess it is time. Any thoughts on this Trane Furnance?

  2. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Premium Product

    Reviewed by Larry March 28, 2011
    Premium Product

    From a technician perspective and someone with 29 years in the trade. I have to hand it to TRANE they have kept the product top quality when so many others are building down to a price point. TRANE still uses top quality parts more rigid cabinetry innovative designs and user friendly features like and easy cam lock system to access the on board filters. No wrestling to change filters means you may change them more often.The A/C and Heat pumps have an all aluminum coil that wont loose efficiency like many copper / aluminum coils can and they still are the only brand that builds their own compressors. You will pay a little more for a TRANE but you get what you pay for. Choose a dealer wisely even some Trane guys are hacks use the guy who explained every thing and has good ratings if you don’t know what that means you haven’t met them yet.

  3. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Trane Furnace Reliability

    Reviewed by Greg Weber November 06, 2009
    Trane Furnace Reliability

    We are currently shopping for a new furnace. After 22 years with our Trane furnace, we are now seeing only our second problem. The first repair was the blower motor which had bad bearings and squealed loudly after approx. 10 years of operation. I fixed that myself for about $55. Now after 22 years we had the furnace fail to ignite while we were away on a trip. I cycled the safety switch that is on the front opening panel and got the furnace to come on. Perhaps the flame sensor is going bad? With the current tax credit, it makes sense to purchase a new high efficiency unit. Living in Minnesota with its occasional -20F days means that I need reliability. We are strongly considering the Trane furnace.

  4. After ten years with our Trane furnace, it has stopped working three time and each time it has been expensive to fix and required buying new parts. I’m not happy with my Trane furnance.

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