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Air Conditioner Sequence of Operation | HVAC Cooling

Air Conditioner Sequence of OperationAir Conditioner Sequence of Operation – When a technician is troubleshooting a problem with any piece of equipment it is important that the technician understands the sequence of operation for that equipment. When there is a problem with the equipment, including air conditioners, the technician will know the problem if the equipment or air conditioner does not follow the sequence of operation. Sometimes it is that easy and other times it is not that easy when troubleshooting equipment. However, it is important to understand the sequence of operation for an air conditioner so the technician can troubleshoot the air conditioner system.

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Proper Humidity Levels and Factors for Home Comfort & Health | HVAC Health

moist and dry air problems & health

Proper Humidity Levels and Factors for Home Comfort & Health – The Contents and Make Up of Air and Humidity

Proper Levels of humidity Factors for Home Comfort and HealthProper Humidity Levels and Factors for Home – Humidity is important to our home and health and it is important to maintain the correct humidity in our homes and workplaces for our health. What is humidity? Humidity is simply little water droplets in the air. Cold air is nearly saturated with these little water droplets because the contents of cold air allow the air to hold more water droplets or humidity. As air is heated it expands and holds less humidity. When you heat the air in your home using a furnace, boiler, or heat pump this air expands and becomes drier. It is air with less humidity relatively speaking before it was heated and compared to the outside air. Air that is 30° F with 80% humidity will only be 15% humidity at 75° F. That is a big difference in humidity levels in the home after the air is heated. Granted, you are not heating air from 30° F to 75° F with your furnace. Depending on the set up of your thermostat and heating system you are most likely heating air that is 68° F to around 70° F to 75° F depending on the thermostat setting. The point is unless you have a source providing humidity to the air stream you are simply reheating dry air from inside the structure. There will be minimal infiltration humidity but the infiltration humidity will never be enough to bring the humidity levels up to healthy levels inside the structure for the inhabitants, plants, and furniture.

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Humidifiers and Comfort – HVAC Healthy Living

Humidifiers and Comfort

Humidifiers and Comfort

Humidifiers and Comfort  – It’s winter time, and your skin and sinus’s are dry. Did you know that this condition not only extends to yourself and your health but also to your home? The furniture, doors, and other wood products in your home are all affected by the level of humidity.

Ever notice in the winter time the doors don’t close just right inside your home? Ever get static-shock when you touch something or someone? This is caused by dry air. The solution is a humidifier. There are many types of humidifiers from portable to fixed. The prices for these humidifiers also vary. Naturally the fixed will cost more and you will most likely have to hire a contractor to install it, but the humidifier will definitely make a big difference not only for your health, but also for your home.Proper Humidity Levels

Humidifiers and Comfort  – Summer Humidity

In the summer, a lot of the energy consumed by your air conditioner is used to de-humidify the air. In most geographical locations in the U.S. and Canada there is an abundance of moisture in the air. The process of heating your home in the winter time, especially for heat pumps, dries the air out in your home. It then becomes necessary to humidify the air (unless you choose to ignore it) to keep a comfortable level of moisture in the air. Ideally, you want the humidity level in your home to be around 30 to 50 percent. In the summer this is not a problem. In the winter it is a problem. This level of humidity will also help you feel more comfortable. If the humidity level in your home is high in the summer you will not feel cool. If the humidity level is low in the winter you will not feel warm when the thermostat is set at an average temperature. This will result in turning the thermostat up to compensate and you will use more energy to stay warm. A properly designed and installed system will keep the proper levels of humidity in your home.

Humidifiers and Comfort  – Dust, Dust Mites, Pollen, Viruses, Bacteria, and Humidity

Aside from the comfort factors of having the proper humidity levels in our homes, there is another aspect of having proper levels of humidity in the home. Humidity affects what is in our air also and this is why a humidifier is an integral part of a system that maintains optimum indoor air quality standards. Too much humidity promotes the growth of molds and mildews. Low humidity levels promote bacteria, viruses, and other organic and non-organic things that can be hazardous to our health. Below is a chart that will help you see that keeping the proper humidity levels in your home will also keep out things that can affect our health and our home.

Those people who have forced air systems I usually recommend having the whole house duct mount humidifiers installed. These are generally maintenance free except for a water panel that needs to be replaced on an annual basis. It will require the installation of a humidistat so that the proper amount of humidity is maintained in the dwelling. This system is automatic with no worries about manually filling up a pan or moving a large appliance like you have with the portable humidifiers. All you have to do is set the humidistat and change the water panel annually (or have a service technician do it when you have preventive maintenance done). Remember, humidity in your living and work space is important for your health. The are many different brands to choose from when selecting a whole house humidifier. Generally, Honeywell Whole house Humidifiers and Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier are good brands to choose from but there are others. Check with your HVAC Contractor for what they recommend for humidifiers.

Humidifiers and Comfort – Conclusion

Whether you have a Honeywell humidifier, Aprilaire humidifier, or other brand, remember there is required annual maintenance to your humidifier. Typically, humidifiers have water panels inside of them that some people refer to as humidifier filters. These humidifier filters as they are referred to treat the water that is channeled into the humidifier. This humidifier water filter needs to be changed at least annually to have the proper effect. Your HVAC contractor can arrange a maintenance agreement with you to maintain the humidifier and change the water filter so you do not have to worry about it.

More information about Humidifiers and Comfort can be found here.

Humidifiers and Comfort

Whole House Humidifier Video

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Humidifiers and Comfort


HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal

Products Containing Mercury and the Environment including new State Laws & Regulations and pending legislation

HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal – Mercury is extremely harmful to the environment and cause severe health problems in humans and animals. For many years HVAC and HVAC Controls manufacturers have used mercury in switches. Mercury is a liquid metal and provides a good source used in many switches because of its fluidity and conductivity. From thermostats to boiler controls the liquid metal provides a reliable and efficient switching mechanism to start and stop certain sequences in HVAC applications.

HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal

Because it is very harmful to the environment and because many people do not know it is harmful or they are irresponsible and improperly dispose of products containing mercury some States have come up with laws regulating products which contain mercury or there is pending legislation ban the sale and use of products which contain this substance. Manufacturers have alternative methods to control HVAC applications and have taken steps to decrease production of making products which contain this substance and increase production of replacement controls especially for the States where there is current or pending legislation.

HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal

It is important if you replace your thermostat to check to see if it has mercury before throwing it in the trash. If you see a little oval bulb with a silver liquid inside the bulb you have a thermostat which contains mercury. It is important to properly dispose of this part of your thermostat which contains mercury. Other HVAC controls which contain mercury are boiler controls especially on steam boiler systems. It is improbable that the typical homeowner or business owner will replace this control if it malfunctions but maintenance personnel and HVAC and boiler technicians should be aware of these new laws and the fact that mercury harms the environment so that they properly dispose of any product which contains mercury.

At the end of the usable life of a product which contains mercury the products which contain mercury must be recycled or disposed of in accordance with Local, State, and Federal Regulations so that the mercury in these products do not harm the environment.

Please refer to your individual state laws and regulations to determine specific requirements for disposal of any products containing mercury. Never put products which contain mercury in the trash. Call your local refuse or Disposal Company or the State Environmental Protection agency and ask how to properly dispose of products which contain mercury.

HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal – States with Current or Pending Legislation Banning the Sale or Distribution of Products which Contain Mercury*


State Effective Date
California July 1, 2006
Connecticut July 1, 2004
Illinois July 1, 2007
Louisiana January 1, 2007
Maine July 1, 2006
Massachusetts May 1, 2008
Minnesota August 1, 2007
New York January 1, 2008
Rhode Island January 1, 2006
Vermont January 1, 2007

HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal *If your State is not listed check you Local, State, and Federal regulations for laws pertaining to the sale, distribution, use, and disposal of products which contain mercury. Many state, local, and even private waste disposal facilities have special collection methods for products that contain mercury.


HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal

HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat | HVAC Control

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

This thermostat is sure to save you some money in energy costs if you can get over the initial retail cost which is currently unavailable. Taking it a step further you can make some control changes to your appliances and hook them up to this thermostat so you can program on and off schedules for the appliances. We’re not talking about just your air conditioning and heating system either…………from your refrigerator freezer to your water heater to your lighting it can all be intelligently controlled and monitored. In my humble opinion it will definitely change your utility bill. Here are some of the key features that will help you save energy.

  • Smart Wi-Fi that has the ability to communicate with the new smart meters many utilities are installing including gas and electric meters. These new meters have the ability to send real time data to the utility companies to monitor usage.
  • has Windows CE 6.0 R3 as the operating system with an Intel Atom processor which takes this smart device well beyond the average home thermostat you can pick up at the hardware store.
  • has a 7 inch touch screen and features a Smart Energy In-Home Display (IHD) so you can monitor the stat and the amount of energy your home is consuming at any given time of the day.
  • The Wi-Fi allows it to communicate with your home network and internet services for remote monitoring.
  • 7 day programmable capabilities that works with a calender and scheduled alarm notices so you don’t forget to change the filters ever again.
  • The Windows software can also give you access to email, stock prices, real-time weather forecasts, and the price the utility company is charging for energy at specific times of the day.
  • can stream photos and music from wireless devices through your home network.

SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat

Questions for the manufacturer include how many inputs and outputs for control functions and how much in house wiring changes need to take place for control of the appliances? With this device along with smart appliances no need to worry as they wireless and networked together easily through this intelligent device.

Inside the box is the thermostat along with detailed instructions on how to set it up including a thermostat wire color code chart to help you install the new thermostat.

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SilverPAC Silverstat 7 Advanced Thermostat



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