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What Temperature Should I Set My Programmable Thermostat To | HVAC Control

What Temperature Should I Set My Programmable Thermostat ToWhat Temperature Should I Set My Programmable Thermostat To – 4) Please confirm this advice if you would; it is better to have your thermostat left at 70°F. to 72°F. during the day while your home is empty and adjust accordingly when you get home as opposed to shutting off the heater/ac and turning on when you get home. I would think this would put less strain on the unit. Thanks in advance for your help.

What Temperature Should I Set My Programmable Thermostat To – The answer…….

It would be better for you turn the system off while you are work and then turn it back on again after you arrive at home. There is a better way though. You can purchase a programmable thermostat and set the thermostat to your schedule. You set the programmable to turn off approximately a half hour before you leave in the morning and then set it to turn on approximately a half hour before you come home. This means you will not have to wait for the house to warm up or cool down after arriving at home. The programmable thermostat will make sure that the system is on so that when you arrive home there is a degree of comfort for you.

The programmable thermostat should be set for a temperature differential of 3 ° F. to 5° F. above the comfort zone temperature if your system takes a while to cool or heat the house. If your system has no problem cooling or heating the house you can increase this temperature differential to 7° F. to 12° F. That is, when you leave home the programmable thermostat timer increase the temperature in the summer and decreases the temperature in the winter so when you are not home the HVAC system doesn’t cycle as much and you save in energy costs. The same can be said about when you sleep at night. Be comfortable for sure but you can increase or decrease the temperature when you are sleeping and with a programmable thermostat set it to bring the house to a comfortable temperature just before you wake up. This is better than turning the system off completely and it maintains reasonable temperatures in your home or business whether you are there or not. The thermostat pictured to the left is the Honeywell Touchscreen programmable thermostat.

What Temperature Should I Set My Programmable Thermostat To? – The HVAC System

One thing to note about this though is that if your system is undersized or your house is not properly insulated then the system will continuously run no matter where you set the thermostat. A properly insulated house with the correct sized air conditioning and heating system will gain you more efficiency and less power bill by turning the system off when you are not home for prolonged periods of time. Think about the system running when you are not at home and the good that it is doing. It is not benefiting anyone except maybe a pet. The programmable thermostat properly programmed will reduce the costs of your energy bill by at least ten percent (according to the U.S. Department of Energy). This makes perfect sense to me and have my thermostat in my home (a Honeywell Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat) set to do the same thing. Unless I come home early my home is comfortable when I arrive home because I set the programmable thermostat to come on thirty minutes before I arrive home.

I’ve seen a lot of air conditioning and heating systems and I would not recommend this to you if your air conditioner typically runs all the time. You have a problem that is well beyond the thermostat and needs to be corrected. I would start with the insulation in the home and then move up to having the system checked and resized to make sure it has been properly sized in the past. Only then would I say get a programmable thermostat especially if your air conditioner or heating system runs all the time due to inadequate sizing or poor insulation. If all is fine with that then get yourself a programmable thermostat and save yourself some money on your power bill. Turning off during the day is not going to strain the heating and cooling equipment to the point where you have to worry about replacing the system sooner rather than later but it will save you money in energy consumption.

More information on thermostats can be found here.

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What Temperature Should I Set My Programmable Thermostat To

Boiler Efficiency Options | Buyers Advice

Boiler Efficiency Options | Buyers Advice

Boiler Efficiency Options

Boiler Efficiency Options – High Performance HVAC wants to help you understand your next boiler purchase better. To do this we want to break down all the different types of boilers and components, and various options and features that you may find when making a purchase. Typically you want to find a like replacement for the boiler you currently have installed or if you are buying a new boiler you want system that will handle the load and is durable. The most important feature about the new purchase is usually the fuel efficiency simply because the cost of running the new system will give you pay back over time for the new purchase.

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How a Programmable Thermostats Works | HVAC Control

How a Programmable Thermostats Works

How a Programmable Thermostats Works

Programmable thermostats can save you more than ten percent on your homes utility bills. For that reason a programmable can pay for itself within a few years depending on the type and expense of the type you purchase. I always lean towards Honeywell thermostats simply because I’ve seen their reliability in the field and sometimes ease of use. Among others, you can expect good quality from Honeywell thermostat products. The new, hi-tech style currently out on the market is the Honeywell touch-screen thermostat.

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Hot Water Boiler Reset Control | Heating and Cooling

Hot Water Boiler Reset Control
Hot Water Boiler Reset Control

We are looking at replacing our boiler with a new boiler. The HVAC contractor, I suppose he is the salesman for the HVAC contractor, is trying sell us what he refers to as a reset control for our boiler. He tells us it will save us more money by making our boiler more efficient. I think I understand how it works but my wife is not entirely sure about it. Can you tell us what you think about a boiler reset control and how it works?

Thanks and we have learned so much from High Performance HVAC. Keep up the good work.


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Rooftop Economizer CO2 | HVAC Control

HVAC Rooftop Economizer - CO2 ControlRooftop Economizer CO2 | HVAC Control

This damper is part of a free cooling system for a rooftop economizer. It is part of an economizer damper system which allows free outside air cooling when the outside air temperature and humidity are ideal. This economizer also works on CO2 control so that if the CO2 levels inside the space rise above a set point the economizer damper opens allowing fresh outside air into the space while venting the air laden with CO2 to the outside.

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