Condenser Fan Motor Repair | Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Condenser Fan Motor Repair | Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

What you will learn from this article:
1) Specific description of a motors job along with some technical details
2) Air Conditioner & heat pump fan motor operation
3) Fan motor troubleshooting basics
4) Condensing unit fan motor repair warning and disclaimer – Turn the power off before working on the fan
5) Replacing or repairing the motor
6) Why you should replace the capacitor when you replace the motor
7) Conclusion along with lots of resource and related links so you can take a closer look and learn more.

Condensing Unit Top

Condenser Fan Motor Inside the Condenser

The condensing unit fan is responsible for pulling air through coils of the condensing unit. They pull air through the condensing unit coils. It runs the gamut in horsepower ratings from low fractional horsepower in small residential units all the way up to 1 horsepower (and larger) 3 phase motors in large commercial HVAC units.

It is usually direct drive to a propeller blade which creates the air flow. Its job it to move air. A specific quantity of air through the condensing unit coils so that a heat exchange process can take place and rig the condensing unit of the heat it absorbed indoors or in the case of the heat pump in heating mode to absorb heat from the outside air and send it inside.

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It is the process of refrigeration and all the components work together to achieve one result and that is to move heat from one place to another.

A Closer Look – The classic definition of refrigeration is to move heat from one place to another. The condenser fan motor is an essential part of that process. Take a closer look at the HVAC Refrigeration


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