Replace HVAC Compressor for Air Conditioner Repair

Replace HVAC Compressor for Air Conditioner Repair Decision | HVAC Refrigeration Question Replace HVAC Compressor for Air Conditioner Repair – Question – Richard – I am an HVAC technician and have read all of your articles on refrigeration and compressors. Great information and it has helped to hone my skills and offer better service for my customers. […]

Air Conditioner Sequence of Operation | HVAC Cooling

Air Conditioner Sequence of Operation | HVAC Cooling Air Conditioner Sequence of Operation – When a technician is troubleshooting an air conditioner problem it is important that the technician understands the sequence of operation for that equipment. When there is a problem with the equipment, including air conditioners, the technician will know the problem if the […]

Evaporator Coil for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners | HVAC Refrigeration

Evaporator Coil for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners – the evaporator is responsible for absorbing heat into the coils and the refrigerant. The evaporator is an essential component of vapor compression refrigeration. This is usually done as result of passing air or water over the evaporator coil where a heat exchange process takes place. Heat leaves […]

Refrigeration Pressure Switches | HVAC Systems

Refrigeration Pressure Switches | HVAC Systems What you will learn from this article: 1) the question from one our readers – What are refrigeration pressure switches and how pressure switches protect the refrigeration circuit. 2) All about high pressure refrigeration switches 3) All about low pressure refrigeration switches 4) benefits of refrigeration pressure switches 5) […]

2011 Proposed Increase in SEER – EER – AFUE – HSPF

This article is archived for future records. Please refer to DOE website for reference on current energy efficiency guidelines.   10 SEER units cannot be purchased in the US any longer. The new standard as mandated by the Department of Energy as of January 2006 is 13 SEER. This 30 percent increase in efficiency from […]

Compressor Rebuild | HVAC Heating and Cooling Refrigeration

Compressor Rebuild – This freshly rebuilt reciprocating compressor is destined for a large commercial chiller. Chillers chill water for air conditioning. Compressors compress refrigerant vapor and pump the compressed refrigerant to the condenser to be condensed into a liquid. The compressor provides compression which is an integral part of the refrigeration process. The old compressor was […]

Refrigeration for HVAC | Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Refrigeration for HVAC Air conditioners and heat pumps use the process of refrigeration to provide heating and cooling. What is the definition of the process of refrigeration? Refrigeration is the process of moving heat and depending on whether it is a heat pump or air conditioner and what mode it is in will depend where […]

Temperature Measurement & Conversion for HVACR

In air conditioning and heating applications it is necessary to accurately measure temperature to offer control of the temperatures relative to the application for which the HVACR equipment is serving. There are four separate temperature scales used to measure temperature and it becomes necessary at times to have the ability to convert between the different […]

HVAC Refrigerant Leaks – Freon Leaks – Old Leaking Condenser Coils

HVAC Refrigerant Leaks HVAC refrigeration leaks (also referred to as freon leaks) can cause serious issues with HVAC heat pump equipment. HVAC refrigeration circuits are designed and built to hold the refrigerant. It is a sealed hermetic system. The HVAC refrigeration circuit should never need refrigerant. An HVAC refrigeration system does not burn refrigerant. The […]

Air Handler Components 3 | HVAC Air Handling

Air Handler Components: Hot Water Coil Heat Air Handler Components – Hot water coils inside of air handler units combine a boiler system or a special capacity hot water heater and forced air to provide forced-air heating. The concept is simple and used a lot in commercial and some in residential. Commercial systems almost exclusively […]

How Air Conditioning Works | HVAC Cooling

How Air Conditioning Works How Air Conditioning Works – AC’s work by removing the heat from the space they service. An AC is simply a big refrigerator that uses the process of refrigeration to provide cooling for a building. AC’s work by using direct expansion coils or chilled water coils to absorb and move the heat from the […]

Heat Pump Sequence of Operation – HVAC Technical

Heat Pump Sequence of Operation Heat Pump Sequence of Operation – Every electrical-mechanical piece of equipment has a sequence of operation and while some manufacturers of heat pumps vary slightly with their heat pump sequence of operation but overall the sequence of operation for a heat pump is the same for most manufacturers. So unless […]

Cooling Tower Evaporation Cools Water | HVAC Technical

Cooling Tower Evaporation Cools Water | HVAC Technical Cooling towers use the process of evaporation to cool or removes heat from the condenser water that was transferred to the water in the chiller condenser barrel. The heat is absorbed at the load in this case in a data center on a data center floor. The […]

Air Handler Coils | HVAC AHU

Air Handler Coils The air handler coils should be checked for dirt and debris which may have been sucked into the air handler inadvertently. Some air handlers have the filters inside them before the coils. It is a good time to change the filters when making this check. Any dirt or debris on the coil(s) […]

Heating with Heat Pumps | HVAC Systems

Heating with Heat Pumps There are some people who say that heat pump heat is not as warm as other types of heat such as a hot water boiler or even a steam boiler. Even the forced air gas furnace gets more credit for providing better heat than the heat pump. Heat pumps are extremely […]

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