What is a Metering Device – Refrigeration Components

What is a Metering Device – Refrigeration Components What you will learn from this article: 1) We will answer the question, “What is a metering device” by defining the various types of HVAC equipment that use different types of metering devices and why. 2) How the metering device is involved in the refrigeration cycle 3) […]

Evaporator Coil for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners | HVAC Refrigeration

Evaporator Coil for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners – the evaporator is responsible for absorbing heat into the coils and the refrigerant. The evaporator is an essential component of vapor compression refrigeration. This is usually done as result of passing air or water over the evaporator coil where a heat exchange process takes place. Heat leaves […]

The Condenser for Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps| HVAC Refrigeration

The Condenser for Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps The condenser coil receives the high pressure high temperature refrigerant vapor from the compressor and immediately begins to remove heat from the refrigerant vapor. As the refrigerant vapor makes its way through the condenser coil more and more heat is removed and the refrigerant vapor changes state […]

The Compressor | HVAC Refrigeration

The Compressor | HVAC Refrigeration In a typical HVAC air conditioner or heat pump there are four major components that make the process of refrigeration work. Basically, this is how air conditioners work. And how heat pumps work. The first component in the process is a compressor or the heart of any air conditioner or […]

Fixing a Refrigerant Leak | Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Diagnosis & Repair

Fixing a Refrigerant Leak Fixing a Refrigerant Leak – You had the new air conditioner or heat pump system installed some years ago and suddenly it stopped heating or cooling properly so you call the HVAC contractor to check it out. The HVAC technician arrives and spends about thirty minutes HVAC troubleshooting and then he comes […]

Compressor Rebuild | HVAC Heating and Cooling Refrigeration

Compressor Rebuild – This freshly rebuilt reciprocating compressor is destined for a large commercial chiller. Chillers chill water for air conditioning. Compressors compress refrigerant vapor and pump the compressed refrigerant to the condenser to be condensed into a liquid. The compressor provides compression which is an integral part of the refrigeration process. The old compressor was […]

HVAC Centrifugal Compressors | HVAC Refrigeration

HVAC Centrifugal Compressors – Centrifugal compressors are used in many applications including pipeline transport of natural gas along with many other related applications including vapor compression refrigeration. These compressors have different operating limitations than the reciprocating compressor, the scroll compressor, and the rotary compressor. They an operating range where it operates efficiently however outside of this […]

Refrigerant Alarm Control for Chiller Room

This refrigerant alarm serves two chiller rooms and alerts operators and other staff that refrigerant has been released into the mechanical room. Chillers have a built in pressure relief valve that will release the refrigerant in the event too much pressure builds up in the system. This prevents a possible explosion from too much pressure […]

R-410A versus R-22 Refrigerants | HVAC Refrigeration

R-410A versus R-22 Refrigerants R-22 is a refrigerant that has been widely used in air conditioners and heat pumps for many years. It has been deemed hazardous to the environment and it will begin phase-out by law in the year 2010. The replacement refrigerant for R-22, R-410A, is being produced to meet the rising demand […]

HVAC Refrigerant Leaks – Freon Leaks – Old Leaking Condenser Coils

HVAC Refrigerant Leaks HVAC refrigeration leaks (also referred to as freon leaks) can cause serious issues with HVAC heat pump equipment. HVAC refrigeration circuits are designed and built to hold the refrigerant. It is a sealed hermetic system. The HVAC refrigeration circuit should never need refrigerant. An HVAC refrigeration system does not burn refrigerant. The […]

Crankcase Heaters and Compressors | HVAC Refrigeration

Crankcase Heaters and Compressors Hello, I have a question about crankcase heaters, I am aware that they are for the purpose of keeping the refrigerant from being saturated in the compressor when not running, but if the refrigerant is R-22, and it becomes saturated at approx. 40 degrees, & the a/c unit is only operating […]

Ammonia Chilled Water System | Commercial HVAC

Ammonia Chilled Water System | Commercial HVAC This chilled water unit is a new ammonia chiller. This unit is also unique in that it has no compressor. Instead it uses the chemical properties of ammonia and heat from natural gas to condense the refrigerant which is ammonia. A chiller provides chilled water to a chilled […]

Condensing Units | Heating and Cooling

HVAC Condensing Units Air Conditioning and heating equipment uses high voltage. Caution is always advised when working around high voltage. When in doubt call a professional. Safety First!! What you will learn from this article: 1) Basic description of a condensing unit 2) The differences between a heat pump condensing unit and an air conditioner […]

How Air Conditioning Works | HVAC Cooling

How Air Conditioning Works How Air Conditioning Works – AC’s work by removing the heat from the space they service. An AC is simply a big refrigerator that uses the process of refrigeration to provide cooling for a building. AC’s work by using direct expansion coils or chilled water coils to absorb and move the heat from the […]

Heat Pump Sequence of Operation – HVAC Technical

Heat Pump Sequence of Operation Heat Pump Sequence of Operation – Every electrical-mechanical piece of equipment has a sequence of operation and while some manufacturers of heat pumps vary slightly with their heat pump sequence of operation but overall the sequence of operation for a heat pump is the same for most manufacturers. So unless […]

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