Air Conditioning Blower Motor Repair

Air Conditioning Blower Motor Repair

Bad Air Conditioner Blower Motor

What you will learn from Air Conditioning Blower Motor Repair article:
1) Basics about blower motors and air conditioning blower motor repair
2) How quickly can the repair be done?
3) Specialty blower motors and costs
4) blower motor and related parts in the blower
5) why replacing the capacitor is important

Labor (troubleshooting and repair of the air conditioner system) time (approximate): 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on unit location and part availability

Air Conditioning Blower Motor RepairAir Conditioning Blower Motor Repair – This is common in the summer. High heat and constant use causes old (and some new) air conditioner blower motors to burn up. There are several different types of air conditioner motors and when dealing with anything electrical the best replacement is an exact replacement. There is a contradiction to that phrase. If you have a shaded pole air conditioner blower motor in your air handler I recommend that it be replaced with a PSC motor. If you don’t know what that terminology means, the air conditioner technician should know. PSC motors are far more efficient for air handler blower motor applications than shaded pole motors. Shaded pole air conditioner motors are a rare find (at least for me) but when they are found in blowers they should be replaced with PSC motors. Additionally, when replacing any PSC motor I recommend replacing the capacitor.

Blower Motors available here for purchase
ECM Blower Motors Available Here

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Variable Speed GE ECM Motors | HVAC Control

Variable Speed GE ECM Motors – When you look at buying a new HVAC system it will surely arise when the HVAC salesman or HVAC contractor who comes to give you an estimate will show an HVAC system that has a variable speed motor or the GE ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) installed in it. These are systems that have a higher efficiency rating than the HVAC equipment that has the typical electric blower or condenser fan motor. The ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) uses less energy than the standard PSC motor that is commonly used in air handlers and condensers to mover air. The ECM motor also offers more control which has good benefits in HVAC applications. (more…)

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