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Trane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning Systems

Trane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning SystemsThis Trane HVAC chiller serves four different apartments. Chilled water systems offer a great way for multi-zone air conditioning. From small apartment buildings to large commercial buildings chilled water systems can serve multi-zone air conditioning systems. From one air conditioning zone to hundred the only limitation is the size of the chiller. If the air conditioning zoning system (the load) is matched up with the right sized chiller (in tons) the system will serve all air conditioning zones and keep all the occupants comfortably cool. Chilled water systems can also be integrated with the boiler system so that the same system can be used for heating and cooling. A good control system will add efficiency and more comfort to the system.

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How to Wire a Thermostat | HVAC Control

How to Wire a Thermostat

What You Will Learn from this Article:
1) the most common trouble call by service and repair HVAC companies
2) about thermostat wire with a resource for more information
3) the best advice for changing your thermostat
4) the most common mistakes made by DIY thermostat changers
5) the importance of identifying the type of HVAC system you have so you will select the proper thermostat
selecting the proper thermostat resource
6) advisory and disclaimer for installing a new thermostat
7) list of tools commonly needed to install a new thermostat
8) step by step instructions on changing your thermostat along with hints and tips for making the job easier
9) lots of extra links to other articles to make sure you completely understand everything you need to know (and more about thermostats, thermostat wire, and installing a new thermostat
10) some thermostat wire diagrams at the end of the article

Your thermostat or programmable thermostat is an integral part of your comfort system.

how to wire a thermostat

TouchScreen Thermostat

These thermostats, whichever type of thermostat or thermostats you have, require little maintenance. Often, I find that the only thing people know about their AC and Heating systems is how to turn the thermostat on and off and change the temperature setting. The purpose of this site is to help people go beyond the thermostat and learn more about their system as a whole, not just a dial on the wall that adjusts the temperature when they are not comfortable. However, we’ll delve into the world of thermostats on this page and hopefully this will help many people.
Honeywell Thermostats Available Here

Types of HVAC Thermostats Article (opens in a new window)

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