Maytag Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Maytag Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Maytag Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer RatingsMaytag condensing units offer one of the highest efficiencies for air to air condensers throughout the HVAC industry with its 25.5 SEER system. Using inverter technology that has been available in commercial applications and mini-splits has made variable speed available in condensing units. They calls it the IQ Drive system and basically it modulates the compressor based on demand. So if the demand is 25% then the systems responds by running at 25% versus other systems that only run at 100% capacity 100% of the time no matter the demand or two-stage systems that run at either 50% capacity or 100% capacity. Compared to the cost of installing a similarly rated geothermal system the condensing unit with 25.5 SEER makes this a good deal for anyone.

Maytag Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Various features of condensing units include:
  • Selected condensing units available in 25.5 SEER efficiency ratings. To ensure you get that efficiency level the indoor air handler needs to be matched with the condensing unit outside.
  • All condensing units utilize R-410A refrigerant which is the latest refrigerant that causes the least impact to the environment while still giving you reliability and efficiency for an air conditioner or a heat pump system
  • Condensing units engineered for quiet operation
  • Condensing units use materials that are corrosion and rust resistant
  • Select condensing units are Energy Star rated
Maytag began in 1893 as a farm implement manufacturer and later moved into making washing machines which they are famous for when in 1907 Fred Maytag decided to make washing machines. In 1970's the Maytag man came on television commercials and in 1974 they introduced their very first automatic washing machine. They now make many different appliances including HVAC air conditioning and heating systems. For more information on Maytag and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Maytag website.

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Maytag Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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