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Furnace Filter Maintenance | HVAC & Indoor Air Quality

Furnace Filter Maintenance

Furnace Filter Maintenance – We all know know that fresh clean air is important to our health. HVAC Furnace Filters Maintenance and Indoor Air QualityWe should also know that our home air filters need to be kept clean not only for our health but also to protect the air conditioning and heating equipment. A dirty (or worse, no filter at all) filter can cause our heating and air conditioning equipment to fail. By maintaining a good filter maintenance schedule we protect our health and the heating and cooling equipment.

Furnace Filter Maintenance – Importance of Air Flow

Before we discuss the different types of air conditioning and heating furnace filters and which one is the best for you, I want to stress the importance of keeping your air conditioning and heating furnace filters clean. Air flow is very important to the efficiency of your HVAC system and furnace filters play a key role in maintaining the proper air flow. Whether it be your A.C. system or your Heating system, both HVAC systems need the proper amount of designed air flow throughout the HVAC system. Dirty HVAC furnace filters restrict the airflow which results in higher energy and HVAC repair costs to you.

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How Electronic Air Cleaners Work | Indoor Air Quality

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work | Indoor Air Quality

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work

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Circulator Pump Maintenance Basics | HVAC Hydronics

Circulator Pump Maintenance Basics | HVAC HydronicsCirculator Pump Maintenance Basics | HVAC Hydronics

How many times have you repaired a coupling (or know a technician who repaired a coupling) only to return in a short period of time to repair the same coupling again? Did you or that technician take the time to figure out why the coupling went out in the first place? Sometimes we do but most of the time we are in a hurry and want to get the system fixed and move on to another job. There is an inner desire in all of us to make the customer happy by restoring there hydronic system so comfort or temperature control can be realized once again. Going back to the basics can help us from making that return call to make another repair.

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HVAC Tips: Helping You Learn

You can add energy savings by placing a blanket wrap insulation around your water heaters. Additionally, for electric water heaters, you can have a timer added to the power circuit to turn the water heater off in times when there is no usage. For example: Set the timer to turn the water heater off from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Most timers can be customized and set for different times so that the water heater is turned off for most of the day and night. This, along with the insulation (which will keep the water hotter longer), can save in energy usage and your energy costs.

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