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moist and dry air problems & health

Proper Humidity Levels and Factors for Home Comfort & Health – The Contents and Make Up of Air and Humidity Humidity is important to our home and health and it is important to maintain the correct humidity in our homes and workplaces for our health. What is humidity? Humidity is simply little water droplets in the air. Cold […]

DDC Outside Air Economizer System | HVAC Control

DDC Outside Air Economizer System DDC Outside Air Economizer System  – Outside louvers allow the DDC control system to open dampers and introduce fresh air into the building. Building automation system, or the energy management system as it is sometimes called, monitors outside air temperature and humidity and based on a calculation and opens the outside […]

HVAC Home Ventilation and Home Pressure

HVAC Home Ventilation and Home Pressure HVAC Home Ventilation – It is becoming increasingly necessary to have your home checked for home pressurization. Does your home have a negative pressure inside of it? Do you have a gas or oil furnace which is inside the home and uses the air in the home for combustion air […]

Indoor Air Quality | HVAC IAQ and Ventilation Basics

Indoor Air Quality – IAQ Basic Problems Indoor air pollution can be reduced and possibly eliminated by taking corrective action using a defined plan. The first step is called an IAQ audit and often requires the services of both a HVAC Test and Balance (TAB) Company and an industrial hygienist. First of all it must […]

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