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Proper Humidity Levels and Factors for Home Comfort & Health | HVAC Health

moist and dry air problems & health

Proper Humidity Levels and Factors for Home Comfort & Health – The Contents and Make Up of Air and Humidity

Proper Levels of humidity Factors for Home Comfort and HealthHumidity is important to our home and health and it is important to maintain the correct humidity in our homes and workplaces for our health. What is humidity? Humidity is simply little water droplets in the air. Cold air is nearly saturated with these little water droplets because the contents of cold air allow the air to hold more water droplets or humidity. As air is heated it expands and holds less humidity. When you heat the air in your home using a furnace, boiler, or heat pump this air expands and becomes drier. It is air with less humidity relatively speaking before it was heated and compared to the outside air. Air that is 30° F with 80% humidity will only be 15% humidity at 75° F. That is a big difference in humidity levels in the home after the air is heated. Granted, you are not heating air from 30° F to 75° F with your furnace. Depending on the set up of your thermostat and heating system you are most likely heating air that is 68° F to around 70° F to 75° F depending on the thermostat setting. The point is unless you have a source providing humidity to the air stream you are simply reheating dry air from inside the structure. There will be minimal infiltration humidity but the infiltration humidity will never be enough to bring the humidity levels up to healthy levels inside the structure for the inhabitants, plants, and furniture.

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Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat | HVAC Control

The Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat

The Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat

A first impression when taking the Venstar ColorTouch thermostat from the box was that the thermostat was smaller than I had imagined however it is no smaller than the typical digital programmable thermostat. The more I got into the thermostat the better I liked it even though I found what I think is a minor flaw in the thermostat. Despite the flaw we are recommending the Venstar ColorTouch thermostat for residential and light commercial users who will find the benefits and features rich and colorful.

Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat – Minor Flaw of the ColorTouch Thermostat

I took the thermostat from the box and began examining it. A small transformer was hooked up to power it from my desk so I could explore the features comfortably by my note pad. I had done this before with other thermostats. One thing that stood out from the other thermostats from the ColorTouch was the fact that I had to use a tool to open it up or to separate the sub-base from the main thermostat. It is necessary to do this upon initial installation and whenever an HVAC technician wants to troubleshoot the HVAC system. I’ve done it a thousand times and so has many other technicians. It is a process of eliminating a possible problem and the core definition of troubleshooting. Anyhow, other modern digital thermostats do not need tools to take apart. I simply want everyone to know this so that someone does not pull the entire thermostat from the wall. This includes homeowners and HVAC technicians.

Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat – Feature Rich along with Ease of Programming with a TouchScreen Interface

  • One of the big bonus features to this thermostat is that you can load your own photos on it and display the photos as wallpaper on the thermostat or as part of the screensaver feature of the thermostat. Or both. The screensaver and wallpaper feature can be set to one of many themes that come default in the thermostat. You can also set the screensaver to a clock (analog or digital – your choice) rather than photos.
  • It has its own software you can download and set up all the features and programs from your desktop. You will need an SD card to do this but it is one of the features I have been waiting for and it is refreshing to finally see. The ColorTouch Assistant is easy to use for most people. See the video below. No longer does one need to take a course in rocket science to program a thermostat.
  • Dealers or HVAC Contractors can easily preprogram their contact information into the thermostat so the customer can have easy access to contact information.
  • Alerts are easily programmed to remind you to change the filter, change a UV Bulb, or call for annual maintenance.
  • Set your vacation dates in the thermostat and the system will respond according to your setting when you go on vacation.
  • Additional features include multi-stage heating and cooling settings, English, Spanish, or French language settings, a free cooling option, heat pump condenser lock out feature and dual fuel settings.

There are other features to the ColorTouch Thermostat by Venstar that make it stand out from the average off the shelf thermostat. Once the thermostat is installed and your photos are loaded in this thermostat you will love it and never want another thermostat.

High Performance HVAC

Venstar ColorTouch Programmable Thermostat

Ohms Law and HVAC | Heating and Cooling Technical

Ohms Law and HVAC – Ohms Law is used by HVAC Technicians, electricians, electronics technicians, engineers, and others who deal with electrical circuits everyday. It is a necessary fundamental that anyone dealing with electricity or electronics should learn. Ohms law is used in many different applications to solve problems (troubleshooting electrical problems), for sizing wire and designing circuits, and for designing printed circuit boards (PCB’s). Ohms law is a basic fundamental formula that helps electrical specialist solves problems. Ohms Law is necessary to learn if you are going to be an above average technician in HVAC.

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How DDC Status Works – Methods and Types | HVAC Control

How DDC Status Works – DDC and Status – Is the Device On or Off

How DDC Status Works? DDC Status Methods and Types

This is a current switch sometimes referred to as a CT switch. This switch has an adjustable range from 1 to 200 Amperes. This switch also has a trip setting so it will trip if an adjusted set amount of amperes is exceeded.

The basics of DDC include learning about the status of a fan or a compressor or pump. How does a DDC controller read the status of the device it is monitoring? There are several ways to prove a device is running and some pros and cons of each type of device used to monitor on or off status. This is a basic DDC guide or reference to help a person understand the basics of DDC status and how it works. When one learns how DDC status works they can improve their troubleshooting skills. Too many maintenance technicians and others including HVAC technicians don’t understand DDC systems or building automation systems and are therefore crippled when it comes to troubleshooting DDC systems. High Performance HVAC hopes to change that and help HVAC techs and HVAC maintenance staff learn the basics of DDC systems including how DDC status works. Once someone understands the basics about DDC a light will turn on and they will see that DDC is not really rocket science.

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Building Automation Systems or Direct Digital Controls Learning | HVAC

Building Automation Systems or Direct Digital Controls Learning

Siemens Apogee DDC Controller

Building Automation Systems or Direct Digital Controls Learning – HVAC Building Automation Systems (BAS) or Direct Digital Controls (DDC) is pretty much one in the same. Basically described BAS and DDC is combining air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, electrical loads, security systems, and life and safety systems to a computer and complex algorithms for better control over the systems and to offer higher efficiency levels that could not otherwise be achieved without computer control. The are many different opportunities inside the BAS or DDC field but you have to start somewhere. Commercial HVAC Technicians and Electricians are commonly hired into positions as DDC or BAS technicians and BAS and DDC installers. Where do you begin if you want to get into the field of HVAC BAS and DDC

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HVAC Preventive Maintenance: Just like a vehicle needs preventive maintenance, HVAC systems need a regular maintenance schedule. Having maintenance performed on your air conditioning and heating systems now can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Air Conditioning and heating preventive maintenance also pays for itself by making the unit more efficient, safe, and reliable. Often, a technician can spot a ten dollar part that needs replacing now where if it is let go and not replaced, can cost you hundreds of dollars more in the future. The old phrase is true, "pay me a little now, or a lot later." I see it everyday. Basic maintenance on condensers and air handling units will save you money in the long run. If your local heating and cooling company offers maintenance agreements look into getting one for your home or business. Typically, companies offering maintenance agreements waive overtime charges for after hours or emergency calls and offer you reduced prices on parts. That is in addition to performing preventive maintenance twice annually.

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