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Heat Pump Heat-Heating with Heat PumpsHeating with Heat Pumps

There are some people who say that heat pump heat is not as warm as other types of heat such as a hot water boiler or even a steam boiler. Even the forced air gas furnace gets more credit for providing better heat than the heat pump. Heat pumps are extremely popular in the southern states where the heating season is short and where the temperature rarely dips below 35 degrees F. The heat pumps in the southern states are usually utilize electric heating strips for those rare times the heat pump cannot keep up in those unusual times when the temperature in the south dips below 35 to 40 degrees. Some of the more expensive units use a secondary heat of gas in the form of a gas furnace for back up heat. Whatever people say we will attempt to dispel this myth that heat pump heat is not as good as other types of heat. (more…)

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