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The NEC and HVAC Chapter Two

The National Electrical Code (NEC) and HVAC: The Basics The NEC and HVAC Chapter Two The NEC and HVAC Chapter Two – Chapter Two of the National Electrical Code (NEC) covers Wiring and Protection and starts at Branch Circuits, Feeder circuits, GFCI requirements and protection,. An HVAC installer may want to pay attention to branch circuit […]

DDC Automated Logic M-Stack | HVAC Control

DDC Automated Logic M-Stack DDC Automated Logic M-Stack – This Automated Logic M-Stack provides control for multiple pieces of HVAC equipment and integrates network communication all in one single stack. This direct digital control system is integrated with pnuematic controls. DDC allows automated HVAC control processes to take place and adds higher efficiency to an HVAC […]

Home Inspector HVAC Training | Heating and Cooling

Home Inspector HVAC Training Thank you!! I am training to become a home inspector and the info contained on this site is helpful in identifying issues that require a HVAC professional to resolve. Read more……. You’re welcome! I understand that everything at High performance HVAC is limited and there is so much more to learn […]

Thermostat Selection and Types | HVAC Control

Thermostat Selection and Types This article will help select the right type thermostat for the HVAC system you have installed. Thermostat Selection and Types – So you have made a choice to replace the thermostat in your home or business and you decided to do it yourself. Hopefully you will follow the advice on this […]

VAV Air Handler | HVAC Zoning

 VAV Air Handler | HVAC Zoning VAV Air Handlers are ideal for providing zones in a commercial building. Office space typically has several offices and open areas that need to be conditioned for the comfort of the people working in those areas or offices. By installing VAV boxes and zoning the duct work from those […]

Motor Controls for HVAC – Residential Air Conditioning and Heating

Motor Controls for HVAC – The Air Conditioning and Heating Thermostat Motor controls are necessary to start and stop air conditioning and heating motors automatically or manually. The most common manual motor control for air conditioning and heating, which the average person is familiar with, starts and stops the blower motor on their home air […]

HVAC Definitions Terms & Acronyms | Heating Cooling

HVAC Definitions Terms & Acronyms This is a comprehensive list of HVAC Acronyms and HVAC Terms. High Performance HVAC is certain there are more terms and acronyms. If you know of something we missed please email us. Thanks! AC – Air Conditioning or Alternating Current ACCA – Air Conditioning Contractors Associations AFUE – Annual Fuel […]

HVAC Definitions | Heating & Cooling Terminology

HVAC Definitions – In air conditioning and heating the name HVAC is often used. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Other acronyms less used to describe air conditioning and heating applications is HVACR or heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration and HACR or heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. HVAC can be used to […]

Variable Air Volume Systems – Commercial HVAC

Variable Air Volume Systems – Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems are the best way to zone especially in large buildings. A VAV system with the proper controls and set-up will help the building owner realize large savings in energy usage. There are many VAV systems out there set up in different ways. The most common […]

HVAC Damper Actuator for Economizer Free Cooling

HVAC Damper Actuator for Economizer Free Cooling This damper actuator controls a free cooling damper for an economizer. It is part of an economizer damper system which allows free outside air cooling when the outside air temperature and humidity are ideal. In the Fall and the Spring when the outside air temperatures are mild it […]

DX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC

DX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC DX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC – Most data centers do not utilize HVAC DX (Direct Expansion) CRAC units or air conditioning but instead use chilled water systems to provide cooling for the data center. In smaller buildings such as remote telecom buildings DX air […]

DDC Integration | HVAC DDC Controls

DDC Integration | HVAC DDC Controls This is an electrical which is in the process of a changing of the old control system to a new DDC control system. Installing new controls in an occupied building takes plenty of planning to avoid interruption in air conditioning or heating. The old control system was a basic […]

The Mercury Switch Thermostat | HVAC Control

The Mercury Switch Thermostat  Two metal contacts inside the mercury bulb indicate the thermostat is either a heat only or an air conditioning only thermostat. Three metal contacts inside the mercury bulb indicate the thermostat is an air conditioning and heating thermostat. Two mercury bulbs with two contacts each indicate a dual control thermostat. The […]

HVAC Jobs and Careers | Heating and Cooling Employment

High Performance HVAC Jobs and Careers HVAC Jobs and Careers – So you want to become an HVAC Technician and want to know how to find a successful career? It’s not easy but here’s some help for you. First of all you need a good foundation of the basics and it would help if you […]

Trane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning Systems

This Trane HVAC chiller serves four different apartments. Chilled water systems offer a great way for multi-zone air conditioning. From small apartment buildings to large commercial buildings chilled water systems can serve multi-zone air conditioning systems. From one air conditioning zone to hundred the only limitation is the size of the chiller. If the air […]

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