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Natural Gas or Propane

What is the best for you when choosing between either natural gas or propane for your heating system fuel supply? In some cases you will not have a choice between natural gas or propane since having natural gas supplied to your home or business will require a natural gas pipeline near your home or business. If there is a pipeline near your home and you do not have a meter you can call the company and most of the time they will install the meter next to your home for no cost but it is always good to ask if they are going to charge you for installing a meter for use in your residence or business because every gas company is different. If you do have a meter for your residence or business you also have the choice of using propane instead of using natural gas. The difference is that natural gas is delivered through a pipeline usually underground where propane will require you to have a tank and get propane deliveries from a propane supplier on a schedule. Other differences include cost of propane and this varies from region to region and company to company. Prices also vary according to market conditions and they price for both and can be volatile. Propane does have more BTU’s per cubic foot.


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