Home Humidity Problems Maintaining Proper Humidity | HVAC Health

Home Humidity Problems - HIGH HUMIDITY 60 % +. Within the last month, I moved into a new house. It has dry walls and not plaster walls. The furnace and hot water tank were installed a week or so before we moved into the house. Last week we determined that there is a humidity issue when the windows were sweating. We are trying to determine the source of the humidity. The contractor feels it may be the high-efficiency furnace. I have a Lennox g61mp. The combustion air is pulled from within the un-finished basement. Should the air be pulled from the outside? The gases are vented via PVC pipe which slopes back to the furnace. (more…)

Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems

Duct Work and High Ceilings

Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems

Duct Work and High Ceilings – I did not see any reference to my question and would appreciate a response as soon as possible, as due to medical situation, have to make a decision soon. We own an OLD house with 13′ ceilings in a large part of the home and 11″ ceilings in the LV/DR and BR. We are oscillating on where to place the ducts….Floor or ceiling. It appears to be counterproductive to me to put the duct work in the ceiling since it will have so far to go. We are looking for the most cost-effective, not upfront cost but operating cost, solution. In addition, we are considering DF heat pumps. The house will need 2 or 3 to be zoned correctly. Please let me know about the duct placement and thank you for your help? (more…)

Electronic Ignition Vs Standing Pilot | Gas Heating

Electronic Ignition vs Standing Pilot - Modern gas furnaces use electronic ignition systems to light the burners in modern furnaces. One can still purchase a gas furnace or water heater with the old standing pilot ignition systems. These systems have been proven reliable and safe over time. However, why would someone want to purchase a gas furnace or water with a standing pilot ignition system rather than purchase a gas furnace or water heater with an electronic ignition system? Let’s define the two different types of gas furnace or water heater ignition systems. Then we will surmise based on that why someone would purchase a standing pilot gas ignition system over an electronic ignition system.

Gas Furnace Components 3 | HVAC Heating

Gas Furnace Components 3 - Gas furnace ignition controls vary from furnace manufacturer to furnace manufacturer. Some are proprietary and some are from an engineering company which specializes in gas furnace ignition controls. Honeywell being a major manufacturer of controls for HVAC also makes several gas furnace ignition controls. Gas furnace ignition controls have advanced by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. The standard was standing pilot ignition. Solid state ignition controls are safer and more efficient than ignition controls of yesteryear. (more…)

Hot Water Unit Heater Protecting a Mechanical Room

Hot Water Unit Heater Protecting a Mechanical RoomHot Water Unit Heater Protecting a Mechanical Room

Unit heaters are used in various places to protect equipment and provide comfort to occupants. This hot water unit heater provides protection for a mechanical room where there is a large air handler and other associated equipment in the mechanical room. This system is controlled by DDC. A thermostat on the wall detects the temperature of the mechanical room. The DDC system will maintain a temperature set point by energizing the hot water unit heater fan and modulating the hot water valve open on the hot water piping. The actuator and hot water valve can be seen in this photo on the right lower half of the system. The valve is a two position valve so it is either open or closed with no modulating the valve on the unit heater. Other unit heaters for heating mechanical rooms or providing comfort include electric units heater when hot water is unavailable, gas fired unit heaters when gas (either propane or natural gas) is available, and infrared heaters typically found in large garages or warehouses for basic comfort of workers in those spaces. There are also steam unit heaters that utilize steam and a steam coil for heating spaces where steam is available. Most unit heaters are forced air unit


Pricing New Air Conditioner | HVAC Heating and Cooling

Pricing New Air Conditioner - We get emails on a regular basis asking us about prices. Prices for a new air conditioner, heat pump system, boilers, and other types of HVAC systems. This article addresses those questions and why it is nearly impossible to give anyone an estimate. Estimates for new systems are nearly impossible through email or forum. Someone needs to first look at the house and other factors involved with giving someone a price. (more…)

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem . Richard, My furnace is leaking water and it is summer time so I am not using it for heat except for the blower fan which is hooked up for the air conditioner and the heat. I know the pipes from the outside units run into a box on top of the furnace so I think that is a part of the air conditioner. What can I do to fix the problem if you know what the problem is by my explanation here? Dan
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Gas Furnace Electronic Ignition Systems: Hot Surface Igniter

Hot Surface Igniter  – Whenever we talk about electronic ignition systems we must first look at the key components which make these systems work and understand how they work. Hot surface ignition systems work in various ways depending on what the electronic ignition manufacturer and design engineer determined in the design. Some are direct main burner ignition while others light a pilot and the pilot lights the main burners. A vast majority of hot surface ignition systems light the main burners directly without using a pilot light. This is a simpler form of using a hot surface igniter to light a pilot light and then have the pilot light the main burner. There are fewer parts to worry about and therefore less mechanical things which can break down or go wrong to worry about in a direct main burner ignition system. These electronic ignition systems work with both natural gas and propane gas. (more…)

High Efficiency Electronic Ignition Gas Furnaces | HVAC Heating

High Efficiency Electronic Ignition Gas Furnaces – Electronic Ignition Gas Furnaces

High Efficiency Electronic Ignition Gas FurnacesThe next step up from the standing pilot gas furnace is the electronically controlled furnaces. These gas furnaces are more efficient than the standing pilot furnaces but more complex in design. There are three types of electronic ignition gas furnaces: the intermittent spark pilot, the intermittent hot surface ignition pilot (Honeywell smart valve and ignition assembly) and the hot surface ignition furnaces. While the three are different they all offer higher efficiencies and are both controlled by solid-state circuit boards. Many of these furnaces also have higher efficient heat exchangers. When the intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition controls are combined with improved and more efficient heat exchangers, the result is a furnace that can be 80 percent or more efficient versus the older standing pilot gas furnaces which average only 60 to 70 percent efficient. The photo on the left shows a pool heater with electronic ignition. The pool heater was new and being inspected for proper installation.


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