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Home Humidity Problems Maintaining Proper Humidity | HVAC Health

Home Humidity Problems – Is 60% Humidity in the Home Too High? HIGH HUMIDITY 60 % +. Within the last month, I moved into a new house. It has dry walls and not plaster walls. The furnace and hot water tank were installed a week or so before we moved in to the house. Last week […]

2011 Proposed Increase in SEER – EER – AFUE – HSPF

This article is archived for future records. Please refer to DOE website for reference on current energy efficiency guidelines.   10 SEER units cannot be purchased in the US any longer. The new standard as mandated by the Department of Energy as of January 2006 is 13 SEER. This 30 percent increase in efficiency from […]

Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems

Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems Duct Work and High Ceilings – I did not see any reference to my question and would appreciate a response as soon as possible, as due to medical situation, have to make a decision soon. We own an OLD house with 13′ ceilings in a large […]

Electronic Ignition Systems and Standing Pilot | Gas Heating

Electronic Ignition Systems and Standing Pilot Modern gas furnaces use electronic ignition systems to light the burners in modern furnaces. One can still purchase a gas furnace or water heater with the old standing pilot ignition systems which have been proven reliable and safe over time but why would someone want to purchase a gas […]

Gas Furnace Components 3 | HVAC Heating

Gas Furnace Components | Ignition Controls Gas furnace ignition controls vary from furnace manufacturer to furnace manufacturer. Some are proprietary and some are from an engineering company which specializes in gas furnace ignition controls. Honeywell being a major manufacturer of controls for HVAC also makes several gas furnace ignition controls. Gas furnace ignition controls have […]

Hot Water Unit Heater Protecting a Mechanical Room

Hot Water Unit Heater Protecting a Mechanical Room Unit heaters are used in various places to protect equipment and provide comfort to occupants. This hot water unit heater provides protection for a mechanical room where there is a large air handler and other associated equipment in the mechanical room. This system is controlled by DDC. A […]

Thermostat Selection and Types | HVAC Control

Thermostat Selection and Types This article will help select the right type thermostat for the HVAC system you have installed. Thermostat Selection and Types – So you have made a choice to replace the thermostat in your home or business and you decided to do it yourself. Hopefully you will follow the advice on this […]

Pricing New Air Conditioner | HVAC Heating and Cooling

Pricing New Air Conditioner Cost Price for New Heat Pump

Pricing New Air Conditioner We get emails on a regular basis asking us about prices for a new air conditioner, heat pump system, boilers, and other types of HVAC systems. This article addresses those questions and why it is nearly impossible to give anyone an estimate for a new system through email or forum without […]

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem Richard, My furnace is leaking water and it is summer time so I am not using it for heat except for the blower fan which is hooked up for the air conditioner and the heat. I know the pipes from the outside units run into a box on top of the furnace […]

Gas Furnace Electronic Ignition Systems: Hot Surface Igniter

Hot Surface Igniter  – Whenever we talk about electronic ignition systems we must first look at the key components which make these systems work and understand how they work. Hot surface ignition systems work in various ways depending on what the electronic ignition manufacturer and design engineer determined in the design. Some are direct main burner […]

High Efficiency Electronic Ignition Gas Furnaces | HVAC Heating

High Efficiency Electronic Ignition Gas Furnaces – Electronic Ignition Gas Furnaces The next step up from the standing pilot gas furnace is the electronically controlled furnaces. These gas furnaces are more efficient than the standing pilot furnaces but more complex in design. There are three types of electronic ignition gas furnaces: the intermittent spark pilot, the […]

Heat Pump Problems | HVAC Heating & Cooling

Heat Pump Problems Heat Pumps are very popular especially in the South where air source heat pumps are mostly favored over straight air conditioners with a gas furnace for heating. With a heat pump one system can do it all especially in the mild winters of the South. In the North some people rely on […]

Gas Furnace Components | HVAC Heating Systems

Gas Furnace Components There are different types of gas furnaces which are available for purchase today and the older models which were installed many years ago still in operation. The older models were typically atmospheric type gas furnaces and used a lot of gas to produce heat much of which went up the flue because […]

Water Dripping from Air Conditioner | Condensation Drain Pipe

Water Dripping from Air Conditioner Condensation Drain Question: We have 2 air conditioning units in our house and 2 pipes protrude from the roof. One of the pipes is dripping water. We were told to look for a blockage and to empty the pans. I don’t see where to check for a blockage. Any suggestions? […]

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