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HVAC Controls Building Automation | Heating & Cooling Control

HVAC Controls Building Automation  – Modern buildings use DDC controls for building automation systems. Building automation systems offer energy savings because they are energy management systems. These systems allow management to automatically control many processes involved with HVAC systems, lighting, and emergency systems. The systems are generally hooked up to the internet so monitoring and control […]

Rooftop Economizer CO2 | HVAC Control

Rooftop Economizer CO2 | HVAC Control This damper is part of a free cooling system for a rooftop economizer. It is part of an economizer damper system which allows free outside air cooling when the outside air temperature and humidity are ideal. This economizer also works on CO2 control so that if the CO2 levels […]

Building Automation Systems | HVAC Control

Building Automation Systems | HVAC Control What you will learn from this article: 1) the efficiency and conveniences Building Automation Systems add to a building 2) how Building Automation enhances energy savings and troubleshooting problems 3) how allowing controllers to communicate with each other enhances HVAC and electrical systems 4) many of the benefits of […]

All About Hot Water Heaters | HVAC and Plumbing

All About Hot Water Heaters | Water Heaters with Tanks and Tankless Water Heaters I have been transformed into a believer of tankless water heater systems. Anyone who has read the About Us page at High Performance HVAC along with my friends and family and some fans of the site know that I moved to […]

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks | HVAC Airflow

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks A good consideration when replacing the air conditioning system is the duct work. Duct work seems to be the most ignored part of an HVAC system but is a very important consideration in this age of new technology and higher energy efficient equipment being developed and manufactured. You can have the […]

How to Save Energy: Methods of Saving Energy Google PowerMeter

How to Save Energy:  Methods of Saving Energy Google PowerMeter (Google Power Meter was discontinued in 2012 but there are still good methods of saving energy in this article) Google PowerMeter has been discontinued but there are other options available to you to track your power use. This article is archived. With the ever increasing […]

Variable Air Volume Systems – Commercial HVAC

Variable Air Volume Systems – Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems are the best way to zone especially in large buildings. A VAV system with the proper controls and set-up will help the building owner realize large savings in energy usage. There are many VAV systems out there set up in different ways. The most common […]

Hot Water Heaters

Domestic hot water heaters make our lives much more comfortable than ever before. Hot water heaters give us hot water for washing our hands, showering, washing dishes and other uses that would otherwise be uncomfortable without a hot water heater. When considering hot water heaters beyond the cost of the water things to consider are […]

HVAC Duct Systems – Round Hard Duct Work

Ductwork systems channel the air to the spaces where it is needed from the air handler. HVAC duct systems also pulls the air from the space and channels it back to the air handler where it needs to be conditioned. In some commercial applications the area above the ceiling is considered the return duct. All […]

Wireless WiFi Smart Thermostats | HVAC Control

Wireless WiFi Smart Thermostats The future of wireless thermostat has already arrived as there are a handful of wireless thermostats available on the market now. These are the forefathers of wireless thermostats and offer basic functions that the average  wired programmable thermostat has to offer that are currently available on the market. As we progress […]

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