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Energy Recovery Wheels

Enthalpy wheel in a heat recovery unit

HVAC Enthalpy & Heat

Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat - As the cost of energy rises engineers are looking for ways to improve and increase energy efficiency. Aside from HVAC equipment with higher energy efficiency rates, improving structures for less heat loss and heat gain, and building automation systems giving the equipment precision control for better efficiency of the equipment, there are other ways to increase energy efficiency inside buildings. One of the ways to increase energy efficiency inside buildings is to add energy recovery wheels to the economizer systems. A US Department of Energy study concluded energy recovery wheels can save over 15% of the energy used in commercial HVAC applications.


Fan Maintenance Energy Savings

Fan Maintenance Energy Savings

Proper HVAC Fan Maintenance and Control can save Energy Dollars

Fan Maintenance Energy Savings - According to the Department of Energy fans consume nearly 80 billion kilowatts of energy per year. Optimizing how fans work functionally in mechanical applications can reduce energy use and save energy dollars for end users. Assuming the design engineer selected the proper fan and proper installation in well designed system what can a facility manager do to save energy dollars and increase performance by looking at the fan systems in their building(s)? To make a good evaluation you need to look at several different factors in fan operation.

  • Fan Control
  • Fan Performance
  • Installation
  • Ductwork
  • Fan Maintenance


Gas Furnace is Making Too Much Noise | Diagnosis and Repair

Gas Furnace is Making Too Much Noise – The FixGas Furnace is Making Too Much Noise | Diagnosis and Repair

Gas Furnace is Making Too Much Noise - Richard, my gas furnace makes a lot of noise when it is running and it is somewhat annoying and sometimes bothers me when I am sleeping. It is installed in a closet close to my bedroom. What can I do to fix this gas furnace that is making too much noise? Jenny

Jenny, sorry to hear about the noise your gas furnace is making. All gas furnaces make some noise when operating and we can break it down into three different noises. Depending on which noise your furnace is making will depend on a fix to your furnace making too much noise. First, is the gas burners. A lot of inshot gas burners make a noise when they are burning the gas. Additionally, unless you have a standing pilot gas furnace which is an older type of gas furnace and not typical in the average home today, your furnace will have an induced draft or forced draft motor to properly vent the combustion gasses and give the combustion chamber combustion air. After all fuel needs air to burn and after the combustion process is complete you need to vent the dangerous gasses outside and the forced draft motor or induced draft motor helps this process. Those two things can cause noise all in themselves but there is another thing that can cause noise from a gas furnace and that is the blower motor inside the gas furnace that blow the hot air through the HVAC system duct work.


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