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Condensing Unit Too Close to House | HVAC Basics

Condensing Unit Too Close to House

Condensing Unit Too Close to HouseThis condensing unit was too close to the house to effectively reject heat. It was a bad HVAC condensing unit installation job by the HVAC installers. A mechanical inspector rejected the final for the permit until the condensing unit was correctly installed. It is recommended that condensing units have at least 2 feet of space so that it can effectively reject heat. It needs space to breathe and pull air into the coils so that there is a proper heat exchange taking place when it is running. On this air conditioner condensing unit there are four sides to the unit. By installing the air conditioner condenser too close to the house the installer effectively reduced the capacity of this unit by nearly one fourth which will cause problems with unit in the way of higher head pressures and that will cost the homeowner more money in the long run.

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How to Save Energy: Methods of Saving Energy Google PowerMeter

How to Save Energy:  Methods of Saving Energy Google PowerMeter (Google Power Meter was discontinued in 2012 but there are still good methods of saving energy in this article)

Google PowerMeter has been discontinued but there are other options available to you to track your power use. This article is archived.

With the ever increasing cost of energy we must ask ourselves how can we save energy? This question can be answered easily by someone who understands energy saving methods and I will show you different ways to save energy.

Why do we want to save energy? To many this question is easy to answer and while some be thinking the answer is axiomatic you may be surprised at how some people answer that question. To me the core reason for saving energy is two things: 1) To save money and 2) It is incredibly irresponsible to waste good energy. It is kind of like cooking a Porterhouse T-bone and only eating half and throwing the rest of the delicious steak away. What an incredible waste!

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DX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC

DX CRAC Unit CondensersDX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC

DX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC – Most data centers do not utilize HVAC DX (Direct Expansion) CRAC units or air conditioning but instead use chilled water systems to provide cooling for the data center. In smaller buildings such as remote telecom buildings DX air conditioning systems are used to keep the equipment cool and operating efficiently. A DX CRAC Unit uses vapor compression refrigeration to provide cooling with a chemical refrigerant versus a chilled water system that utilizes chilled water from a chiller. CRAC Units or Computer Room Air Conditioners also serve telecom facilities for telephone services including cellular telephone facilities in remote locations. The CRAC units that serve telecom facilities in remote locations are typically DX CRAC Units that have utility back-up by stand-by generator so that if the utility fails to provide electricity for whatever reason the stand-by generator kicks on and provides power so that the telecom facility can remain on line.

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HVAC Green Technology | Heating and Cooling

HVAC Green Technology | Heating and Cooling

First of all we need to define Green Technology before we compare it to HVAC and how the HVAC industry is working to make equipment and designs green technology friendly. Green Technology uses evolving technology to utilize methods and materials to develop techniques that are friendly or friendlier to the environment than past methods and material. HVAC is constantly evolving as new ideas about environmental friendly concepts are put into place and used to make things more efficient and friendly to the environment. It has become necessary for many people and industries to stop ignoring environmental concerns because using older methods cost more than the new methods to implement. The definition of Green Technology goes a little further in implementing a solid strategy of environmental friendly ideas, methods, and materials including machines. These strategies include:

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Helping Your Air Conditioner – Beating the Heat

Helping Your Air Conditioner – Beating the Heat

Beating the Heat: Helping Your Air Conditioner

The new house you just bought is not so cool and the air conditioner seems to run all the time. You begin to worry that maybe something is wrong with the air conditioner. You tolerate it for a while until your spouse broaches the subject a few hours later. Both of you discuss the matter and come to the conclusion that something is wrong with the air conditioner.

Helping Your Air Conditioner – Beating the Heat

You pick up the phone and call the HVAC service company that has serviced your heating and air conditioning equipment for years. The next morning the HVAC air conditioner technician arrives. You discuss the matter with the air conditioning technician and then he goes about his job of searching for a problem. Forty-five minutes later the technician reports that everything is fine with air conditioning equipment. Everything is in tip-top shape with the air conditioner. Air conditioner refrigerant charge, clean coils at the air handler and the condensing unit, all air conditioner components have normal amp draws, ect, ect, ect…….. As the truck pulls away you begin to wonder how to resolve this matter about keeping your new house cool. Here is how to help your air conditioner problem.

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