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Condensing Unit Too Close to House

Condensing Unit Too Close to HouseThis condensing unit was too close to the house to effectively reject heat. It was a bad HVAC condensing unit installation job by the HVAC installers. A mechanical inspector rejected the final for the permit until the condensing unit was correctly installed. It is recommended that condensing units have at least 2 feet of space so that it can effectively reject heat. It needs space to breathe and pull air into the coils so that there is a proper heat exchange taking place when it is running. On this air conditioner condensing unit there are four sides to the unit. By installing the air conditioner condenser too close to the house the installer effectively reduced the capacity of this unit by nearly one fourth which will cause problems with unit in the way of higher head pressures and that will cost the homeowner more money in the long run. (more…)
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