Evaporator Coil for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners | HVAC Refrigeration

Evaporator Coil for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners

Old Evaporator Coil in a Rooftop Air ConditionerEvaporator Coil for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners – the evaporator is responsible for absorbing heat into the coils and the refrigerant. The evaporator is an essential component of vapor compression refrigeration. This is usually done as result of passing air or water over the evaporator coil where a heat exchange process takes place. Heat leaves the air or water (whatever medium is used) and is absorbed into the coil and the liquid refrigerant. As more and more heat is absorbed by the evaporator coil and the refrigerant again changes state from a liquid to a refrigerant vapor. By the time the refrigerant leaves the evaporator coil the refrigerant should be all vapor and ready to be received again by the refrigeration compressor. (more…)

About Chilled Water Systems | HVAC Hydronics

About Chilled Water Systems | HVAC Hydronics

About Chilled Water Systems

About Chilled Water Systems

Old York Chiller

Chilled water systems are mainly used in large commercial HVAC air conditioning systems and industrial cooling applications although there are some residential and light commercial HVAC chilled water systems in use. Chilled water systems are popular because they use water as a refrigerant. Water is far less expensive than refrigerant. This makes them cost effective especially in commercial HVAC air conditioning applications. Instead of running refrigerant lines over a large area of the building water pipes are ran throughout the building and to evaporator coils in air handlers for HVAC air conditioning systems. The chilled water is pumped through these pipes from a chiller where the evaporator coil absorbs heat and returns it to the chiller to reject the heat.


Cooling Tower Evaporation Cools Water | HVAC Technical

Cooling Tower Evaporation Cools WaterCooling Tower Evaporation Cools Water | HVAC Technical

Cooling towers use the process of evaporation to cool or removes heat from the condenser water that was transferred to the water in the chiller condenser barrel. The heat is absorbed at the load in this case in a data center on a data center floor. The servers and electrical equipment produce a massive amount of sensible heat. The heat is absorbed by computer room air conditioners or computer room air handlers. These systems, computer room air handlers and air conditioners, have chilled water coils. The chilled water originates at the chiller into the primary loop. The water circulates through the primary loop and makes its way into the secondary loops. (more…)

Large Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water System

Large Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water SystemLarge Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water System

This large HVAC condenser pump serves a new chiller located in a data center. This pump pumps condenser water through the condenser chiller barrel and to a cooling to reject the heat absorbed in the chillers evaporator barrel. The pump works to move the water from the chiller to the cooling and then back through the chiller again. The water is diluted with a glycol solution to prevent freezing in the winter time when the chiller needs to run at low ambient temperatures. (more…)

Trane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning Systems

Trane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning SystemsTrane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning Systems - This Trane HVAC chiller serves four different apartments. Chilled water systems offer a great way for multi-zone air conditioning. From small apartment buildings to large commercial buildings chilled water systems can serve multi-zone air conditioning systems. From one air conditioning zone to hundred the only limitation is the size of the chiller. If the air conditioning zoning system (the load) is matched up with the right sized chiller (in tons) the system will serve all air conditioning zones and keep all the occupants comfortably cool. Chilled water systems can also be integrated with the boiler system so that the same system can be used for heating and cooling. A good control system will add efficiency and more comfort to the system. (more…)

Refrigerant Pump-Down Method | HVAC Refrigeration

Refrigerant Pump-Down Method - Can an HVAC Technician “Park” Refrigerant in the Condenser? What you will learn from Refrigerant Pump-Down Method article:


  1. We answer a technical question by one of our readers concerning the refrigerant pump-down method
  2. Why the refrigerant pump-down method is useful for HVAC technicians and for the consumer
  3. Why it saves the contractor time and money. Savings he can pass on to the consumer
  4. Alternatives to the refrigerant pump-down method
  5. How and why commercial chillers do the refrigerant pump-down method


Central Air Conditioner Prices | HVAC Buyers Advice

Central Air Conditioner Prices

Properly Installed Condensing Unit is important

Central Air Conditioner Prices | HVAC Buyers Advice  - So you are looking to buy a new central air conditioning system and you want to know what the price of the new air conditioner will be after it is all said and done and the new air conditioner is installed and the contractor walks out the door? The price of a new air conditioner is a popular subject because I get several emails every month asking me how much it would cost to install a new air conditioner. First, it is a loaded question because no air conditioner installation job is the same with some air conditioner installation jobs being more difficult than another air conditioner installation job. The fact is I cannot give anyone the price of their new air conditioner without first seeing the job. The fact is no one can give you a fair a reasonable price of a new air conditioner cost without first seeing the job first and doing a little homework.


Variable Speed GE ECM Motors | HVAC Control

Variable Speed GE ECM Motors - When you look at buying a new HVAC system it will surely arise when the HVAC salesman or HVAC contractor who comes to give you an estimate will show an HVAC system that has a variable speed motor or the GE ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) installed in it. These are systems that have a higher efficiency rating than the HVAC equipment that has the typical electric blower or condenser fan motor. (more…)

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