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Dangerous Cracked Heat Exchangers in Furnaces

[caption id="attachment_845" align="alignleft" width="240"]Dangerous Cracked Heat Exchangers in Furnaces You can see the rust holes up near the sheet metal plates in this heat exchanger that made the occupants sick[/caption] Everyone wants heat when old man winter arrives in the fall. Many times we take it for granted that when the temperature falls all we have to do is go to the thermostat and turn the heat on. Usually, this is not a problem. We turn the thermostat on and the heat comes on. Whether we have boilers or a furnaces at the beginning of the season when we do first turn the furnace on we have a slight burning odor which comes from the system. Usually, many of us ignore this odor because it does eventually, usually, go away. This is normal and is usually dust particles that have accumulated on the furnace’s heat exchanger burning off. How many people actually think it is carbon monoxide and called a professional HVAC technician to make sure it is not a problem? There are some people who do call but a majority of people just ignore and enjoy the heat being produced by their furnace. After all, carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless byproduct of burning fossil fuels so even if an unsafe condition existed with their furnace they would probably never know it. This is why it is important, before old man winter arrives, to call a professional, qualified furnace technician to inspect the furnace. First, the furnace technician can make sure that the furnace will start and second of all the furnace technician can make sure you will have a safely operating furnace. You want to make sure the furnace does not have a cracked heat exchanger and a good qualified HVAC technician will look for a furnace cracked heat exchanger. Heat safety is paramount so have your furnaces inspected immediately for a cracked heat exchanger. Have a safe heating season. (more…)
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