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Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump Condensing Unit

This Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump condensing unit is a new installation. The inside Goodman air handler attached to the heat pump condenser via line set was also replaced with this new Goodman heat pump. Its not a good idea to put a new high SEER air conditioner or heat pump condenser without matching it up […]

Thermostat Wire Colors Code | HVAC Control

What you will learn in this article: 1) What thermostat wire color is likely to go to which terminal on the thermostat 2) The function of each wire terminal on the average thermostat highlighting some of the differences in those functions from manufacturer to manufacturer Sometimes the thermostat is not the problem. Please check this […]

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks | HVAC Airflow

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks A good consideration when replacing the air conditioning system is the duct work. Duct work seems to be the most ignored part of an HVAC system but is a very important consideration in this age of new technology and higher energy efficient equipment being developed and manufactured. You can have the […]

How Air Conditioning Works | HVAC Cooling

How Air Conditioning Works How Air Conditioning Works – AC’s work by removing the heat from the space they service. An AC is simply a big refrigerator that uses the process of refrigeration to provide cooling for a building. AC’s work by using direct expansion coils or chilled water coils to absorb and move the heat from the […]

HVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels | DDC Installation

HVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels HVAC 3R NEMA Rated Control Panels – These control panels offer resistance to inclement weather. They house the DDC controllers for two small chillers and two air handlers. The chillers provide chilled water for air conditioning to the air handlers. The controllers offer energy management for the air conditioning […]

HVAC Damper Actuator for Economizer Free Cooling

HVAC Damper Actuator for Economizer Free Cooling This damper actuator controls a free cooling damper for an economizer. It is part of an economizer damper system which allows free outside air cooling when the outside air temperature and humidity are ideal. In the Fall and the Spring when the outside air temperatures are mild it […]

White Rodgers & Honeywell Thermostats | Thermostat Selection

Thermostat Selection – White Rodgers & Honeywell Thermostats Which type and brand of thermostat do you get when selecting a new thermostat? To do that you have to know what kind of HVAC system you have installed for your heating and cooling system. Do you have a boiler with baseboard heating or radiators with the […]

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance | HVAC Spring Cleaning

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance | HVAC Spring Cleaning Do You Benefit from Maintenance Agreements? Air conditioning maintenance is a quick check of the air conditioning system by a professional HVAC Technician. The technician will check the following: Check the air filters and change as necessary. Check electrical components and make sure all connections are secure and […]

Central Air Conditioner Prices | HVAC Buyers Advice

Central Air Conditioner Prices | The Cost of Air Conditioners So you are looking to buy a new central air conditioning system and you want to know what the price of the new air conditioner will be after the it is all said an done and the new air conditioner is installed and the contractor […]

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