Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance | HVAC Spring Cleaning

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance | HVAC Spring Cleaning

Do You Benefit from Maintenance Agreements?

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Do You Benefit from Maintenance Agreements?

Air conditioning maintenance is a quick check of the air conditioning system by a professional HVAC Technician. The technician will check the following:

  • Check the air filters and change as necessary.
  • Check electrical components and make sure all connections are secure and without corrosion.
  • Check evaporator and condensing unit coils and clean coils as necessary. Almost always the condenser coil will need a good cleaning as the unit collects dust and dirt in the coils.
  • Check controls of air conditioning unit including thermostat, relays, and contactors.
  • Check motor capacitors to make sure they haven’t weakened and are within +/- 10% of their rating.
  • Oil motors as necessary. Many HVAC motors do not need to be oiled as they have sealed bearings.
  • After the unit has been cleaned and has a clean air filter the refrigerant level should be checked. If the unit has low refrigerant levels the air conditioner system needs a refrigerant leak check. (more…)

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