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Ruud Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Ruud Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsRuud has nearly the same gas furnace product line-up as Rheem simply because Rheem is the parent company for Ruud. The furnaces are nearly the same in build and color and the only real difference is the name on the unit and the model numbers.

I am sure we could find design differences between the but taking a cursory comparative look between the two we observe no differences in design of their gas furnaces. I know both of Rheems and Ruuds Websites are slow, sometimes dysfunctional, and cumbersome to navigate even with a high speed internet connection. Aside from that the two companies produce quality products.

Ruud was the builders grade version for Rheem for many years and in fact may still serve the function however Ruud does offer higher end gas furnaces in their gas furnace product line-up just as Rheem does. The bonus for the consumer is that parts are interchangeable so if you have both a Rheem and a Ruud dealer in your area and one does not have the part you could go to the other for the specific part.

That is if you need a part that is proprietary between the two gas furnaces.

Ruud Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings – Features

Some of the features of Ruud gas furnaces are:

  • Two-Stage gas furnaces in selected models offering you two firing rates- one for very cold days and one for mildly cold days
  • Aluminized heat exchanger and stainless steel
  • Inshot burners with direct spark ignition
  • Variety of efficiency ranges from 80% AFUE to 96+% AFUE.
  • Limited 20 year warranties on the gas furnace heat exchangers on selected models and lifetime limited warranties on other gas furnace heat exchanger
  • Diagnostic abilities for better gas furnace troubleshooting on selected furnaces. Diagnostic feature uses flash codes on a printed circuit board to communicate problems.

For a history of Ruud see Rheem gas furnaces in the menu links. Currently both Rheem and Ruud are owned by Japanese water heater manufacturer Paloma.

For more information on Ruud and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Ruud website.

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Ruud Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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4 thoughts on “Ruud Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

  1. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Ruud 2 stage 95% w/ ecm motor

    Reviewed by Ben LaLone May 20, 2011
    Ruud 2 stage 95% w/ ecm motor

    I have had my unit installed for almost 1 year now and it has worked great. I bought it while moving into a new house so I could not compare to the old one for efficiency but this is quite and works as advertised.

  2. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    home owner

    Reviewed by Glen McClanahan September 08, 2010
    home owner

    I had my furnace installed in 1987 model UDGA 125A-ER upflow system.It is still working today 9-7-10 my basement has been flooded twice sinces then it was totaly under water . I cleaned good both times and still works.I am looking to buy a new one now if I can cross referance the model number with what I have.

  3. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011

    Reviewed by Tom December 04, 2009

    Have had our RUUD furnace and heat pump working together now for 6 years without one breakdown — routine maintenance has been performed yearly on both! – Great system great efficiency — overall savings GREAT. Would do it again!

  4. Purchased our A/C and furnace in April 2012. The condenser coil went out in 2014. It took three weeks for RUUD to ship our “warranty covered” part. First because they were still being built and couldn’t keep up with the demand, (that says something right there when you can’t keep up with making parts…..fix the problem!). secondly they refused to ship it until their truck filled up the rest of the way, then they made 3-5 other stops between Carolina and Missouri before delivering our part! The warranties part was installed at a cost of $700 (labor/freon/etc). It is now 1 year and 15 days later and the same thing happened again! RUUD took no blame, will not do anything to correct the defect, would not help expedite the shipping (unless we wanted to pay for it) and even blamed the coil breakage on my dog urinating on the unit! My dog squats, the break in the coil (on both units) is about two feet off the ground and on the inside of the unit. So you tell me how that could possibly be the problem?! Not to mention my dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs to take the cover off and pee on the coil!!! The customer service rep. Then blamed it on our neighbors shooting a BB gun. What? Really? I was told it warrantied and that Is that. They have no “lemon law” policy and it’s our word against theirs is what I was told in no uncertain terms.

    So disappointed in a 3 year old unit, 1 replacement coil that cost use over $700 to replace (even under the warranty) not to mention being without air for 3 weeks while it is 95 degrees outside only to have the exact same thing happen one year later. Poor product, awful customer service. Bottom line….unless you enjoy heat, don’t mind not sending your kids to college because you had to spend over $700 each year to replace a part that was warrantied and enjoy being told your an idiot, don’t go with RUUD!

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