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Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer RatingsMunchkin Boiler Reviews – Munchkin offers small boilers for residential and light commercial use with efficiency AFUE ratings from 92% AFUE to 95% AFUE* that range in capacities from 18,000 BTUh to 399,000 BTUh. Munchkin hot water boilers can be easily converted from natural gas to propane gas and use sealed combustion technology.

It is imperative that you install and boiler properly within the manufacturers parameters and installation instructions. Additionally, knowledge of various industry best practices, mechanical codes, and electrical codes are required for proper installation. Failure to follow the installation instructions, best practices, or any codes is dangerous and will likely result in the malfunction and early retirement of the boiler.  This is especially important for condensing boilers such as the Munchkin.

The Munchkin boiler allows for modulation control. It is a compact condensing boiler made for higher efficiency ratings and for installation in tight spaces.

Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings – Features

Various features of selected Munchkin hot water boilers are:

  • Electronic spark ignition on Munchkin hot water boilers
  • Quiet operation on Munchkin hot water boilers
  • State of the Art control for Munchkin hot water boilers
  • Compact and durable stainless steel construction for Munchkin hot water boilers
  • Direct vent using schedule 40 PVC or other low temperature approved venting materials
  • Modulating firing rate for Munchkin hot water boilers

Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings – About munchkin

Munchkin boilers are made by Heat Transfer Products based out of Freetown, Massachusetts. Munchkin boilers can be ordered online directly from the manufacturer.

For information on HTP/Munchkin and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the HTP/Munchkin website for more details.

Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

*For all efficiency ratings please visit the AHRI website database for manufacturers certification for efficiency for a specific model number appliance. AHRI is the certifying and testing agency responsible for the efficiency ratings within the HVAC industry.

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  1. Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

    Admin Transfer from old reviews site to new reviews site

    Submitted by Jon on 2015/02/26 at 2:47 pm | In reply to Ross.
    We have had a munchkin for seven years. Replaced the board twice now. F09 is a constant problem and we do not dare leave the house too long in the winter. I would NOT buy another of these furnaces. This furnace has cost more than any other for repairs.

  2. Admin Transfer

    Submitted by Alaska John on 2015/01/22 at 1:32 am

    Anyone considering a condensing high efficiency boiler needs to know that 95% of them will have shorter life cycle due their design. They also need to be maintained, per the manufacturers recommendations EVERY YEAR. These are not like the iron boilers we all grew up with, they will actually quit running if you don’t service them. I am not affiliated with HTP but have installed and serviced their products and others of the same design with success for over 10 years. I have one in my home. If you are DONE with Munchkin seek a boiler with a different type heat exchanger. The Munckin has a “water tube ” design with tiny passages that clog. Find a manufacturer with a “fire tube” design heat exchanger. Lennox makes one, Dunkirk makes one as does Lochinvar in their WHN series.
    Please note: Every Munchkin i have ever worked on that had on going, repetitive failures has had a quirk in the INSTALLATION or no maintenance. One of my new favorite boilers is the Weil Mclain GV6+, check it out. Iron heat exchanger, long life, proven design, it pre-heats the return water.
    Good luck one and all.
    (Please save any bile for others, im just sharing my experience, 10 yrs, Service supervisor and Senior Technician)

  3. Admin Transfer

    Submitted by Ross on 2014/11/24 at 2:02 am

    We had a 140M installed January 2007. It is coupled with the HW storage tank.

    We’ve had a great technician servicing the unit, but we’ve had the fan/blower go out and we had to have the fuel/air mixture adjusted a couple times and the main water pump replaced (not a boiler problem).

    We just learned this week that we have a pinhole leak in the gas chamber, which in HTP parlance means we need a new boiler. I didn’t think the ‘throw away economy’ extended to 7 year old boilers. The oil boiler we replaced with the 140M went 40+ years.

    Seeking a brand that knows how to go “plus 1″ on their design and materials. Any ideas?

    On the positive side, the HW storage tank has been great, but I wonder if it has the sacrificial anode like the Viessman.

  4. Admin Transfer Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

    Submitted by James p Shaffer on 2014/06/21 at 5:04 pm

    I have a T-80 Munchkin boiler heated by propane that was installed in late 2008. We have had a few problems, but not serious ones until lately. About 2 weeks ago the unit started making a whistleing noise that could be heard on the 2nd floor of the house. (Unit is on the first floor in a mechanical room). Tech arrived and told us that bearings may be going out in pump. Was told a new pump is around $2500.00. Cleaned and serviced and told us to reset the board up to 4 times till we determine what to do. Their sales person has been on vacation and we would have to talk to him..I was told by the tech that Munchkin no longer sells this unit, but there is warranty still left on this unit. I was told that these units run from $8000.00 to $11000.00 installed. What brand name is the best to buy to replace this Munchkin so that I can get more than 5 years of life out of it and have good efficiency @ a fair cost? I am perplexed. Thankyou

  5. Admin Transfer

    Submitted by Rodney on 2014/05/04 at 11:54 am

    We have had three Munchkin boilers replaced under warranty in the last ten years. Installations all paid by me.
    The third is now a year and a half old and they want to replace it with an Elite unit. It looks very similar to the Munchkin internals. I’m really thinking that I need to get away from HTP boilers. They have been nothing but a major headache.

  6. Submitted on Elona Beans 2013/10/15 at 2:01 pm

    I thought I was alone in this annual frustration and disappointment! The comments posted are an exact scenario of the disappointments experienced with my Munchkin broiler and that frightens me. Truth is for 2012, I simply beared through the Ohio winter with one working zone. I allowed the heating supplier to convince me that Munchkin would be a better purchase than the name brand I was researching. However, I have not had the control/mother board failures yet but hopefully this 2010 – 2013 problem with ignition will become my worst burden.

  7. Admin Transfer

    Submitted by Eric on 2013/10/08 at 4:28 pm

    I had the Munchkin MC-80 installed 4 years ago. 1st year was fine, 2nd year I had to replace the Flue ECO, 3rd Year the High Limit Sensor, 4th year the combustion blower is shot. This thing is a piece of junk. Did what it was supposed to except last. Now I am going to trash the thing and get something better. Not worth the hassle to fix it – Will be cheaper to replace it than keep fixing it. Get something other than HTP products – you will have a much better chance at having a better product.

  8. Submitted by Darrel on 2013/06/28 at 10:12 am

    I put mine in a new home 10 years ago and have spent at least 3,000 in parts and service during that time. It is a piece of junk and may even be dangerous to have in your home. Advise anyone reading this review to buy any other boiler besides Munckin.

  9. Submitted by PA on 2013/05/19 at 8:46 am

    The Munchkin has been a nightmare of draconian proportions, a horrible product, with no support at all. I installed one 7 years ago, less than 2 years later I had to replace the “motherboard” to the tune of $900. Now 4 years later I have had nothing but trouble and am currently without a functioning boiler, and still paying for the last motor replacement. Total junk.

  10. Submitted on 2012/04/14 at 2:39 pm
    Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Munchkin Model 80mr1

    Reviewed by Adam K December 02, 2010
    Munchkin Model 80mr1

    I own two Munchkin model 80mr1’s. YES TWO… They were installed 4 years ago AND then it started. Both have been repaired twice within the first 3 years. At an out of pocket cost of about $1,300. Now at the onset of only their forth season!!! Neither one will light. Each with a different error code. The repairman who charged me $238 just to tell me they both need about $1,500 to $1,600 worth of parts/work to get them running again! But best of all… He will not warranty any parts made by Munchkin or any work done on them. And yes I spoke to 3 different companies about MUNCHKIN he is the only one willing to work on them.

  11. Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

    Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    Use a different brand

    Reviewed by George W November 20, 2010
    Use a different brand

    I have had an MC 80 for about one year and was happy with it through the heating season but it is malfunctioning this year. Although i would not expect it to be maintenance free, some parts failed and troubleshooting has been a challenge even for properly trained technicians. We are using one of the most reputable heating/plumbing contractors in CT and have spent $800 for service and parts and had a week without heat. The problem is these are complicated systems and the parts are not standard or available locally (even though the manufacturer is just 2 hours away in Mass.) So last Monday it stopped with an F09 code, the technician tested and was not getting ignition spark, Heat Transfer Products Inc. tech support said the gasket on the ignitor was bad so a new one was ordered and the repair people brought it when it arrived Friday, but still no spark. So next was replace the ignitor ($285 + $60 overnight shipping) HTP products said it must have a hairline crack preventing spark. Now plenty of spark and it is getting gas (smelled for it myself at the discharge pipe, but it will not ignite. The technician dismantled the system and cleaned everything according to HTP’s instructions (this was also done at the end of last heating season) and still it won’t light. That was Saturday but Tech support is not open so will have to wait for another service call Monday. What would I do if this was February and we were without any heat or hot water? Folks stay away from the Munchkin there is no support.

  12. Munchkin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

    Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011
    challenging for a heating professional to keep run

    Reviewed by Steve June 24, 2010
    challenging for a heating professional to keep run

    I’m reporting on my own personal experience with my 140M Munchkin boiler, installed in my home about 5 yrs ago.

    Efficiency on the Munchkin is, like most Modulating Condensing boilers, dependant more on a low return water temperature system design. Following that parameter, it appears on a par with a Triangle Tube Prestige boiler.

    Reliability? OH MY GOD. This boiler has caused me more trouble than the most complicated systems than I’ve ever designed, installed, or maintained.

    Year 1: No problems, simple, quiet operation.

    Year 2: Beginning of Fault 09 Hell. Typified by the control board failing to see that the burner has, in fact, lit up. Disassembled, cleaned per instructions, flushed condensate trap and heat exchanger. Reassembled, Fault 09, lockout, hit reset, repeat perhaps 20-30 times while hearing the burner light off each time and watching the pretty flames on the burner cone that would not be recognized by the control board. Finally, the little green light comes on during an ignition trial and all’s well for another year.

    Year 3: Fault 09 Hell again. This time replaced the control board on recommendation from Tech Support “Sorry Mr. Rowe, your equipment’s no longer covered by warranty, you’ll have to shell out the $$$$ for the new board yourself” New board installed, Hit reset button for about 4 hours, until amazingly, the unit fired off w/o a hitch.

    Year 3.5: Inducer blower flew apart internally. No heat….AGAIN….in my own home…..another $$$$ for a new blower assembly. Long talk w/ tech support “yes Mr. Rowe, we realize that the blower assembly design was changed (which I took to mean was found to be defective and revised), but you’re out of warranty period and will need to pay for the new blower.

    year 4: Fault 09 Hell again, ending with Fault 11 which signifies that the control board has gone beyond not recognizing the flame signal on ignition to now seeing a flame signal at all times, causing an instantaneous (rightly so!) lockout. Paid another $$$$ for a new control board. While spending the day resetting the control over and over, I spoke again with Tech Support trying to find out exactly WHAT’s CAUSING THE FAILURES. Described the installation in depth, gave voltage readings, ohm readings etc. for nearly 2 hours. Suddenly, with no changes being made, the boiler lights off and all’s supposed to be well. “Sorry Mr. Rowe, we understand that you’ve had a bad experience with our boiler, but we won’t be covering any of this under warranty or offering you a replacement boiler. We do feel that the problem has now been corrected”

    Today: My boiler’s gone out….again….it’s been acting up this week and finally went from Fault 09 Hell to Fault 11 Failure. Looks like if I want take a hot shower and want my family happy, I’ll be shelling out yet another $$$$ for control board #3.

    It’s my belief, and has been my experience, that long before this point any other boiler manufacturer would have sent me a new boiler, fully covered under warranty along with a factory rep to commiserate and toss an apology in. Not so thusfar with HTP. I had expected them to man up and work with me to straighten this out. Since they have been unwilling to do so, My own belief is that no sane person should ever expose themselves to the possible nightmare that I’ve had!

    It’s quite sad, because the basic design seems sound, the piping is straightforward as long as you maintain proper flow through the boiler which usually means decoupling the boiler flow from the system flow. I’d love for Heat Transfer Products to work this out and be able to post glowing reviews of the Munchkin, and the company as a whole. At this point, the only thing that would change my mind would be a new, fulling functioning Munchkin.

  13. Reviewed by Admin Transfer September 05, 2011

    Reviewed by edward west February 14, 2010

    We have had the Munchkin M199 boiler system installed for approximately 6 years and have had nothing but problems with it. The blower was replaced within the first year, the igniter system was replaced within 2 years, the computer controller was replaced, etc. If fact, everything on the unit was replaced within 3 years and we have continued to have F09 faults for the last 3 years. We have never had hot water for more than 1 shower. Our gas bill has been extremely high for entire time since we installed the Munchkin unit. The local HVAC dealer/installer has not been able to solve the problems.

    Editors comments – Extremely high gas bill? I would be interested in seeing the bills and posting them on this website to show people.

  14. Submitted by Cooper on January 09, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Control panels fried by a power surge result in 11 day wait for new parts supply.

    My 3 year old Munchkin furnace has been a wonder at reducing my energy bills. A power surge caused the whole system to come to a halt. The next day, the plumber arrived, and diagnosed the faulty parts, with a subsequent order put in to the dealer on a Friday. We waited for 5 days for parts, only to have just one of the two control panels delivered. A frantic call to the dealer resulted in a promise to air express the remaining panel set for a Saturday morning. The part never arrived until the following Monday. In all it took a week and a half to obtain the necessary parts, install them and get the system up and running. There was simply no explanation or apologies for their terrible service. My guess is that a whole house surge protector is the only answer. I live on a mountain top, and temperatures hovered around 40 degrees for days. Thank heavens it was not in the dead of winter, or I would have frozen, waiting for service. I rate these people as a “Z” for their service. They should do a bit of a rethink when it comes to the design of system protection.

  15. Well. Glad to know that is isn’t just me that has experienced the pain that a Munchkin can inflict.
    2005- Had a great idea! let’s replace ole reliable coal/oil/gas boiler with a new efficient(?)one! Worst decision I ever made. Installer didn’t know jack about the balancing and fine tuning required for these wonderful units.
    In a nut shell, this piece of crap has averaged about 6-700 bucks a year in repair parts. Three mother boards, 3 fan/blowers, igniters…the list goes on. I DO thank the Lord for my furnace tech who knows his stuff and has helped me out with used parts he has accumulated.Selling the house….will NOT miss the F09 at zero dark 30 on the coldest night of the year. They make great anchors though!

  16. Munchkin boilers are garbage. Please don’t buy one.
    We have had our for 7 years and we have put at least $1000.00 every year for replacement parts. This is not counting the annual maintenance check. We also are afraid to go away in the winter. It’s been nothing but trouble can’t trust it.

  17. I have a Munchkin Contender (model MC-120) and have had nothing but trouble with it. We just had Munchkin trained technicians working on it for 2 days with a bill for $965.00. Problem has not been resolved and we are out $965.00 with no resolution. Avoid Munchkin products at all cost.

  18. I have a Munchkin 199M R1. Moved into this house 3 years ago. System was installed in 2007. My first thoughts were wow what a great way to heat our water and home. I was mistaken. Like all of you we have a had nothing but problems. No heat is one thing but no hot water either. That’s a double wammy. Heating a house normally is a simple and mostly a care free task. And a hot water tank. I can not remember ever having more than a few issues in my 60 years on this planet until we got the Munchkin. Problems go on and on. Several times a year. I am about to install and rent a separate gas water heater from our local natural gas company so at least we have hot water when the boiler shuts down. Unfortunately we all will be replacing our boilers sooner than later. Good luck to all of us!

  19. 9 years, 2 Munchkin boilers, four blower fans, 6 swirl plates, and thousands of dollars in replacement, service and repair costs. Second unit lasted a bit longer then the first unit leaked in the same way after installation. I am beginning to think a class action lawsuit will flush many of us out of HTP’s inability to trace their products design defects, unfortunately putting the burden of discovery on the installers and supply houses that sell install and service the boilers and common problem repair parts. This is obviously a poorly designed unit from all of the complaints. I don’t want to hurt any American based company. But my feeling after reading what i have read about others issues with HTP products and my own experience with repair and replacement costs in less than 10 years time tell me this was a poorly designed product that keeps me fearful of it failing in winter and is a health and safety issue in my home.

  20. Must admit, though efficiency had been good, the savings have been offset by the cost of constant repairs. Not a year goes by that something has not gone wrong , from diffusion plate to complete replacements of the circut boards. Now my hvac guy says that they are on their way out and I might get another year out of them at best. They are 8 years old. Info from the company is akin to a discusion on philosophy with a chimpanzee, not entertaining or helpful. I have 2 199M R4’s

  21. Have had a munchkin model 140mr2 for seven years, now it won’t even work, live here in Maryland and we have a blizzard due here I about twelve hours. And the place I bought it from does not even have the part’s on hand and worried about pipe’s freezing up in house my old oil furance lasted for over 60 years thought gas furnace would be more efficient with all the modern technology guess I was wrong, not a happy camper munchkin is not very dependable according to what I have read

  22. I have a 4 year old munckin boiler that is making a lot of noise. sounds like a truck driving through our house. I had it serviced a couple of weeks ago and the plumber who did the service said he didn’t think he could fix the problem; What ever the problem is. He indicated that the noise is when the rpm’s are about 1500. I’m concerned that it is going to vibrate itself apart.

  23. Stay away from HTP. I replaced a 2 year old Weil McClain Ultra that never worked properly with an Elite 120 from HTP. Unlike oil boilers there is NO warranty of any worth from HTP. They do not stand behind their product at all. I have now had the HTP 4 years and have spent over $2500 on maintenance and broken parts that conveniently broke after the one year warranty for parts, ridiculous for a boiler.
    Quite frankly having seen the HTP unit apart during numerous repairs it is a very cheap and poorly constructed unit in my opinion.
    In talking to the various technicians who have serviced the unit(HTP has very few qualified technicians in New Hampshire) I would recommend against installing a high performance boiler. The technicians have really nothing good to say about any of them. They are good for the technicians because they provide them a steady income stream in service calls. Any fuel/energy savings will be far outweighed by very high maintenance costs.

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