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Standby Generator Installation

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Standby Generator Installation Video 3 of 3

Here are some videos to help you make the best of installing a new standby generator for your home. It is very important to follow all generator manufacturers instructions, local and national codes, and general safety regulations when installing your own generator. The best advice High Performance HVAC can offer you is to always hire a professional to install the generator or at the very least hire a professional to check the job once it is completed and before the final inspection by the local municipality. There are two specific codes that must be followed in the installation of a natural gas/propane powered generator: The National Electric Code and The Fuel Gas Code and you will want to follow those codes to the letter for a proper installation. If there are any questions or doubt consult your local generator installation professional or call the manufacturer. Finally, before we get to the videos, be aware that the location of the generator installation is important. You do not want exhaust fumes from the generator building up inside the structure so properly locate the generator away from any openings including windows and doors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

One word of caution………….these videos make the installation look easy because the video was edited and professionals installed the standby generator. Professionals always make installations look easy as they do this sort of thing everyday and the video was edited only showing the good parts. As a professional myself (Licensed Master Electrician, HVAC Master, and a working engineer) I have seen first hand the mistakes the average person makes when trying to install an air conditioning unit or even thermostats themselves. Sure some are successful but there is nothing like getting things right the first time. These generator units produce and utilize electricity and there is the inherent danger of electrical shock. Electricity is invisible and it only take a very small amount of electricity to kill someone (less than a thousandth of an amp). Take the safe route and get a professional to install your standby generator and leaves the headaches and safety to them to them.


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