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  1. Comment: What is the sequence of operation of a Direct fire to a pilot?
    What is the sequence of operation of a indirect fire to a pilot?
    Just read an article indicating that a Hot Surface Ignition can be either a direct fire to a pilot or indirect fire to a pilot.

    • there are several articles on this site that give you the sequence of operation for both direct and indirect ignition systems. Most follow the same sequence of operation with a little difference between them. The most important thing to note for any type of ignition system is that there is a proven method of detecting the burners are lit or they have fire as you do not want raw fuel spewing into the combustion chamber and then later igniting. The hot surface ignition direct to pilot is likely the Honeywell Smart Valve where the hot surface ignition lights the pilot and then the pilot lights the main burner. Most other Hot Surface Ignition systems are direct fire to the main burners. Admin will be moving this comment to a related article.

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