Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Gas Furnace Reviews are made on all the HVAC Gas Furnace brands we can find on the web or know about. If you have a suggestion for a brand or model of gas furnace please let us know so we can add the gas furnace technical opinion to this section. You can also submit gas furnace brands yourself very easily without registering by following the submit reviews button on the main menu. If you want to submit your opinion then you have to create an account and sign in before submitting the new opinion or rating. If you have a specific gas furnace you are considering to purchase please email us the gas furnace model number and gas furnace name and we will be happy to give you our opinion.

Amana AMH95


American Standard



Carrier Infinity 80

Carrier Performance Boost 90




Heil QuietComfort VS 95






Rheem RGTK Series 90 Plus


Tempstar IIS 90 2-Stage




Trane XC Communicating Gas Furnace

Trane XL90

Consumer Rating Listings

Listed below are the links to our basic technical rating based on our own criteria that we thought would help people, who are looking to purchase a gas furnace, make a better and more informed decision about their purchase. Their are also opinions from consumers like yourself listed with most of the listings here at High Performance HVAC. If you have any of the manufacturers equipment listed here then please give everyone else your fair opinion to help others make informed decisions based on your opinion. Thanks and if you have any suggestions for any other listings please do not hesitate to email us and let us know the particular name of the manufacturer and the equipment model number.

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Additionally, we like to let everyone know you can learn more about HVAC including thermostats, gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners and other HVAC topics by visiting our main site and browsing our categories and category listings. We have a comprehensive list of topics all concerning HVAC including basic information about HVAC, troubleshooting and repair, and other articles that will help you learn HVAC. Visit High Performance HVAC for a category listing.

Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings


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