Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings 4/5 (1)

Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer RatingsFrigidaire Heat Pump Reviews – Frigidaire Heat Pumps come in efficiency ranges from 13 SEER all the way up to 22 SEER and 10 HSPF. The same company that many are familiar with that produces refrigerators offers a full line of HVAC equipment through Nordyne. Th IQ Drive Frigidaire heat pumps are known as the most efficient conventional split system heat pumps you can buy with going with a geothermal heat pump system. The Frigidaire heat pump system with IQ drive can fully modulate from 40% all the way to 118% and with an operating range like that you can be assured the Frigidaire can handle any load you can throw at it with efficiency. IQ Drive is only available in select Frigidaire heat pump models. IQ Drive is essentially a rotary compressor using a variable speed drive that regulates the speed of the entire system based on demand. Rotary compressors have been used extensively in HVAC mostly in ductless mini-split systems.

Select features of various Frigidaire heat pump models include:

  • modulating rotary compressor in a split system Frigidaire heat pump
  • Frigidaire heat pumps are engineered for quiet operation
  • Uses environmental friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Comes with the Frigidaire warranty
  • Electronic controls in select Frigidaire heat pumps for easier heat pump troubleshooting

Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings | Conclusion

Some people will not purchase the most efficient Frigidaire heat pump even though it is recommended simply because of the savings on energy bills in the future. Currently the mid-range efficient Frigidaire is a better purchase than the lowest rated (efficient-wise) heat pump. We encourage purchasing a higher rated (efficiency-wise) heat pump simply because electricity prices will likely never go down but will be ever increasing in the future.

Frigidaire has a dealer network in the US and Canada. Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews are listed below. Make a review of your Frigidaire Heat Pump today.

For more information on Frigidaire and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Frigidaire website.

Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Heat Pump Reviews

Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

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3 thoughts on “Frigidaire Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

  1. Admin Transfer on 6/17/2015

    Submitted by Cynthia Jones on 2014/08/06 at 2:36 pm

    I had a RUUD heat pump for 25 years and when the second compressor went out on it the repair guy said it was time to get a whole new one. Well I got a new Frigidaire heat pump 18 months ago and it has been a source of aggravation ever since! Don’t waste your money on cheap crap like this.

  2. Admin Transfer 6/17/2015

    Submitted on by Tom Bynum 2013/05/30 at 10:49 pm

    I purchased a new home in 2010 and the builder had installed 2 Frigidaire Heat Pumps. The units are the loudest units I have ever heard. I had to have a service men out within 4 months of moving into the home. After several service calls the upstairs unit was replaced under the Frigidaire’s Quality Warranty. Which ended up costing me over $750.00 for labor and freon because that’s not covered by their warranty. Even thought the unit was defective I still had to pay to have the new unit installed. Then not six months later the coil had to be replaced at an additional charge of $450.00 because only the parts are covered under their warranty. Now another six months has passed and now there is a crack in the condensation pan. Which is going to be another $450.00 labor and freon charge not to mention the cost to repair the ceiling where the water from the condensation pan leaked on the ceiling and caused damage to the ceiling. I contacted Frigidaire/Nordyne to voice my concerns about this defective system only to be told that they regret the issues I have encountered but the warranty only covers parts. I would NEVER recommend their products to anyone and I’m a very dissatisfied customer.

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