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Direct Digital Controls DDCDirect Digital Controls DDC

DDC Systems or Direct Digital Controls offer a high level of control for building mechanical and electrical systems. Additionally, modern state of the art direct digital controls have the ability to offer trending of equipment that can be used to increase efficiency and to troubleshoot problems with mechanical equipment. DDC integration can occur with any type of mechanical or electrical system in the building and the system can communicate via the internet for remote monitoring and control. DDC systems can also be integrated with SCADA systems and various applications controlled with PLC’s. HVAC DDC Systems allows operators and maintenance personnel alike to maintain an optimum efficiency of the equipment by giving operators real time information that allows the operator to respond to alarms and small problems before they become big problems and the maintenance people can use it to maintain precise maintenance schedules based on actual run time of the equipment. The benefits of DDC systems are numerous and add energy efficiency along with other efficiency enhancements makes DDC systems pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Direct Digital Controls DDC

As time goes on DDC systems become more complex. As technology advances so does this high tech part of HVAC. How can Direct Digital Controls DDC offer higher efficiency levels than just average out of the box conventional controls? These control systems offer precision control for air conditioning, heating, lighting, and other systems that consume power. For example, an office building has hot water heaters for hot water supply for domestic uses such as washing hands and in the office kitchens. Hot water heaters, out of the box electric water heaters, generally come with thermostats that will cycle on and off when the temperature inside the water heater changes. This will go on 24/7 all year. SO even at midnight when no one is in the office the conventional water heater is consuming power even though it is not really needed at that time. A few relays and a DDC system and you can tailor a program that will shut off the water heaters when they are not in demand. Adding a layer of insulation to the water and limiting the times that it comes on can save lots of money on energy consumption which means energy savings and a lower electric bill. There are many other uses for Direct Digital Controls DDC as the above example only scratches the surface of what can be done with these high tech systems.

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DDC Systems or Direct Digital Controls

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    • We are currently working on adding course to the site as I am writing this. Launch of the courses are set for next month although the DDC course is currently not on the schedule as of yet. The course we have in mind will be a basic generic course and not cover any specific manufacturer but simply cover the basics of DDC and controls. Hopefully within the next six months we can offer specific course for specific manufacturers.

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