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Unit Heater Mechanical Room Equipment Protection

Unit Heater Mechanical Room Equipment Protection - Mechanical rooms have very important equipment that needs to be protected. Often mechanical rooms are not conditioned and subject to outside temperatures and freezing conditions that can freeze piping inside the mechanical. For that reason mechanical rooms often have unit heaters located there to protect piping and other things that […]

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Disconnect and Electric Motor Starter with Overloads

Disconnect and Electric Motor Starter is used for turning the power off and on the an electric motor used in HVAC applications. It also has overloads built into the starter so if one of the windings begin to pull too many amps the overloads open the circuit and the motor stops operating. Motor starters can be […]

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Air Conditioning – Chiller Barrel Evaporator for Chilled Water Systems

Chiller Barrel Evaporator - A chiller evaporator barrel exchanges heat between one refrigerant and another. Usually the primary refrigerant is R-22, R-134A, or some other blend or alternative HFC. The secondary refrigerant is water. This water is circulated throughout the building where it passes through piping and coils. This is generally in most cases a forced […]

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Boiler Commissioning & Functional Testing – Quality Assurance

Boiler Commissioning & Functional Testing – Quality Assurance Boiler Commissioning & Functional Testing – Commissioning (Cx) any type of HVAC equipment is many different procedures from the beginning of the commissioning process to the end of the process. One of the most important procedures during the Cx process is functional testing. The functional testing always […]

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Steam to Hot Water Generator | HVAC Heating

There are some facilities including campus like complexes that use a centralized steam plant as a steam to hot water generator. The steam is generated from a large boiler and piped to various buildings around the campus or whatever facility is used. Typically several buildings utilized the steam for heating and hot water for domestic uses […]

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