Bryant Air Conditioners Reviews - Consumer RatingsBryant Air Conditioners Reviews – Bryant offers a variety of air conditioning systems that range from 13 SEER* all the way up to 21 SEER* for efficiency ranges. In Bryant’s lower efficiency ranges, Bryant also offers equipment with the old refrigerant R-22 while maintaining a full line of air conditioners that use R-410A or the newer ozone-friendly refrigerant. Bryant offers four distinct lines of air conditioners: The Evolution Series which is Bryant top of the line models – The Preferred Series which is Bryant’s premium quality air conditioners – The Preferred Compact series which is a premium product in smaller package – and the Legacy series of products which is the economical offering of Bryant air conditioning. Some features of Bryant air conditioners are:

Bryant Air Conditioners Reviews – Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • Models range into the 21 SEER efficiency levels for selected Bryant air conditioners
  • Selected Bryant air conditioners have two-stage operation for air conditioning. Two-stage scroll compressors give you extra comfort in staged cooling.
  • Select Bryant air conditioners offer a high efficiency range especially when matched with a Bryant indoor unit.

Additional Features and Comparison Matrix

  • Bryant air conditioners are engineered to be quiet
  • Electronic diagnostics available on selected Bryant systems for easier air conditioner troubleshooting
  • Powder coating paint on air conditioning units prevent rust and corrosion
  • Galvanized steel construction for durability of cabinet

Top Model SEER Rating

Never forget to register your warranty as soon as possible after the installation is complete.

Bryant Air Conditioner Model Comparisons 
Evolution SeriesPreferred SeriesLegacy Line
Varible Speed Air ConditionerTwo-Stage Air ConditionerSingle Stage Air Conditioner
56 decibels72 decibels76 decibels
up to 19 SEERup to 17 SEERup to 16 SEER
Top Grade Highest Cost for InstallationMid-Range Medium Cost for InstallationBuilders Grade Lowest Cost for Installation
Lowest Operating CostsMedium Operating CostsHigher Operating Costs
Absolutely necessary to have a Bryant Dealer install and service this equipmentAbsolutely necessary to have a Bryant Dealer install and service this equipmentInstallation by a Bryant delaer recommended but not essential. Any installation of any HVAC equipment should be done by a licensed, competent contractor.
5-stage rotary compressorTwo-Stage Scroll CompressorSingle-Stage Compressor
Energy Star rated??
Recommended to be installed with Evolution Connex control but is compatible with two-stage controlsHooked up to a two-stage control systemUsed with a conventional thermostat
Uses R-410A refrigerantUses R-410A refrigerantUses R-410A refrigerant
5 stages of variable control2 stages of coolingSingle stage cooling only
  • Bryant Warranties as Compared to Other Brands93%
  • Bryant Quality as Compared to Other Brands93%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience99%
  • Bryant Efficiency Compared to Other Brands97%
  • Overall Bryant Opinion from a Technical Perspective94%

You can check the Bryant website for the latest SEER ratings and features. We do our best to keep up with changes but it is difficult to keep up with every manufacturer’s changes.

Bryant was founded in 1904 by Charles Bryant offering gas fired boilers. Bryant is now owned by United Technologies which is the parent company of Carrier. United Technologies manufactures Carrier, Bryant, Heil, and Tempstar among other popular HVAC brands.

For more information on Bryant including their latest models & efficiency ratings please visit the Bryant website.

Bryant Air Conditioners Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Air Conditioner Reviews

Bryant Air Conditioners Reviews – Consumer Ratings

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