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Welcome to the air filter category of High Performance HVAC. Our air filter articles are designed to help homeowners and business owners learn and understand about air filters and the air filters they use for their HVAC systems. Most air filters used in HVAC equipment are designed to protect the equipment and not make the indoor air quality better. Read our articles to find out about air filters and exactly what they do and how you can protect the equipment and make the air healthier for you inside your home or business.

Please browse the rest of the site to find the information you are seeking. There related topics to air filter and air filter maintenance including indoor air quality articles throughout the site. Always remember that the air filter in your air conditioning and heating system is only there to protect the equipment and generally has little effect on cleaning the air in you home or business. I always recommend to my customers that they get an electronic air cleaner that will filter out very small particles. Being in the field I have seen the results of an effective system that makes breathing easier especially for people with asthma and other respiratory problems where they depend on the air being very clean.

HVAC Air Filter Maintenance

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